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Gothic Rock

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Adaptacia AtNica - For Wine and Love

Adaptacia AtNica - For Wine and Love
ID: PR21
CDs: 1
Type: CD
Subcollection: Gothic Rock

hard rock / folk rock / folk hard rock

About (Адапация At Nica) Adaptacia At Nica This group has been created in 1989. Since this moment they passed a long musical career. The group plays on clubs and in the summer of 2001 writes down an album "In steely cradle".Songs have entered into it:"Search for mine sun","Fro wine and love","Banderlog". In March 2002 the group acts on the air on 4 Voronezh telechannel. In April sounds in club-pub 100 ruchev(Voronezh). There is a clip in the summer "The Girl of the Forest", which is broadcast within three months on RenTV channel. In the autumn group invite to give interview on radio. In the winter of 2005 specially from a gipsy camp is invited a young violinist Egor Romaly-Chebonesky to the "Adaptacia",he simultaneously becomes the keyboard player. In repertoir gipsy motives began to prevail. On June, 30th, 2007 the group acts at a concert "Rock against drugs" For studies the group leaves Мирча Ганыч, the guitar gets to masterly musician Alexander Makarenko.

Adaptacia At Nica - A. Makarenko, bassguitar / Egor, violin, keyboards / S. Moiseenko, voice, guitar / Emil, drums
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Konets Leta (End of summer) - Slushajte grom (Listen to the thunder)

Konets Leta (End of summer) - Slushajte grom (Listen to the thunder)
ID: PR18
CDs: 1
Type: CD
Collection: Folk -Rock
Subcollection: Gothic Rock

Folk Rock / Gothic / Progressive

About band „Konets Leta“ (End of summer) - is a very special season, a border between summer and fall, day and dusk, happiness and sorrow. In Konec Leta’s music dark sympho melodies meet jovial folk dance, rap-core meets antique fables, bagpipe tunes meet drum’n’bass and waltz meets heavy metal... You never know what’s next!

As a folk band Konec Leta represent modern culture of Ingria, a region in North- West Russia where Saint-Petersburg is situated. Originally Ingria was a finno-ugric land, but during the 1920-1940-s most of the finnish population was killed or moved to Siberia by Soviet authorities, and the traditional culture was nearly destroyed. Konec leta is trying to bring ingrian culture to a new life: not only playing old folk songs in modern arrangement but writing new ones using ingrian and karelian languages, mythology, instruments and philosophy.
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Theodor Bastard - Sueta (Vanity)

Theodor Bastard - Sueta (Vanity)
ID: CDMAN291-06
CDs: 1
Type: CD
Collection: Alternative Rock
Subcollection: Gothic Rock

gothic, post-industrial
Theodor Bastard is a Russian musical band from St. Petersburg.
It plays experimental music that combines elements of trip-hop, neofolk, ambient and darkwave.
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