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Rubbra, Britten, Mayer

Rubbra, Britten, Mayer-Piano and Cello-World Premiere Recording
ID: GMCD7114 (EAN: 795754711424)  | 1 CD | DDD
Guild GmbH
World Premiere Recording
Piano and Cello
BRITTEN, Benjamin | MAYER, John | RUBBRA, Edmund
GILL, Timothy (cello) | PAVRI, Fali (piano)
Other info:

Recorded in The Church of St. Silas the Martyr
MAYER, John (b. 1930) 
Prabhanda Premier Recording 
1. Amparai Kirtan 1:08
2. Alaap 2:29
3. Tihai 3:47
4. Alaap 2 3:44
5. Jahalla 1:20
6. Kirtan 2 5:03
7. Ragatal 2:30
8. Gat 3:02
RUBBRA, Edmund (1901-1986) 
Sonata in G minor for Cello & Piano Op. 60  
9. Andante Moderato8:11
10. Vivace Flessible 3:10
11. Tema & 6 variations - Fugue 11:32
BRITTEN, Benjamin (1913-1976) 
Sonata in C for Cello & Piano Op. 65 
12. Dialogo6:55
13. Scerzo - Pizzicato 2:28
14. Elegia 6:33
15. Marcia 2:01
16. Moto perpetuo 2:35
MAYER, John (b. 1930) 
Calcutta - Nagar  
17. The Mocambo 0:41
18. Nizam's Kati-Kebab 0:19
19. Digamba0:45
20. Che-Na Para 0:17
21. Naya Bazar 0:35
22. The Rickshaw-Wallahs 0:19
23. Calcutta Gharana 0:26
24. Garib Log 0:51
25. A.J.C. Sarani 0:17
26. Girja 0:50
27. Trincas 0:24
28. Chandi Bazar 0:20
29. Kali Mandir 1:40
30. Hoogley Nadi 0:52
31. B.B.D. Bag 0:35
32. The Ghora-garis1:19
33. Nakhoda Mosque0:53
34. Tin Kana Chuha0:23


Guild Music have always been keen to record works by Benjamin Britten and Edmund Rubbra. Here we not only have two Cello Sonatas written by these composers but also two remarkable PREMIER RECORDINGS of works for cello and piano and solo piano by the brilliant Indian composer - John Mayer.
John Mayer was born in India and persevered with his musical education to win the Bombay Madrigal Prize, which allowed him to come to England to further his studies of Music. Featured on this disc are Prabhanda and Calcutta-Nagar. Both works are very atmospheric and contain a fusion of Indian and Westernised Music. They are not only written with great craft but are most appealing to the imagination taking one on journeys through the sights and sounds of Indian Landscapes.
Rubbra and Britten are both well respected English composers yet interestingly enough, these compositions have hardly been recorded. Britten’s Sonata is the result of a happy collaboration between himself and the famous cellist Mstislav Rostropovich, whom Britten first heard live at the Royal Festival Hall, London. It was the genius, Rostropovich, who made a request that Britten write a Cello Sonata and this work is the result.
Rubbra was a dedicated chamber musician although he did write eleven stunning symphonies. The Cello Sonata in G minor by him is a nice contrast to the works mentioned earlier by John Mayer, although both composer’s works develop spontaneously and inevitably.
The artists on these works are two very exciting performers. They are Timothy Gill, cello and Fali Pavri, piano. Both performers have stunning credentials. Timothy Gill’s performances have been reviewed regularly as World Class and Fali Pavri has performed and toured with Mstislav Rostropovich who claimed that Fali is a great talent. These performers are excellent technicians but most of all, they play with "great heart".


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