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Glazunov - Complete Songs and Romances

Glazunov - Complete Songs and Romances-The Best Russian Romances-St. Petersburg Musical Archive
ID: NFPMA9925 (EAN: 4607053326550)  | 1 CD | DDD
Released in: 2004
Northern Flowers
St. Petersburg Musical Archive
The Best Russian Romances
GLAZUNOV, Alexander Konstantinovich
EVTODIEVA, Victoria (soprano) | LUKONIN, Mikhail (baritone) | SEROV, Yuri (piano) | SHKIRTIL, Ludmila (mezzo-soprano)
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CD series “St. Petersburg Musical Archive”
“St. Petersburg Musical Archive” is a series dedicated to St. Petersburg’s 300th anniversary. Many of the works in this series will be CD premieres, and many of the recordings will introduce famous St. Petersburg musicians, composers and ensembles as well as new performing artists. The “St. Petersburg Musical Archive” series includes rediscovering forgotten works - both of the 19th and 20th centuries.
GLAZUNOV, Alexander Konstantinovich (1865-1936) 
1. From Hafiz (Don't be lured by warlike glory…)1:23 
Words by A. Pushkin 
2. The Belle. Words by A. Pushkin3:06 
Two Songs to Words by A. Pushkin, Op. 27 
3. Oriental Romanza2:12 
4. Song (Why do I not hear the roar of joy?…)2:32 
Six Songs, Op. 59 
5. The Muse. Words by A. Pushkin3:38 
6. From Petrarca (We Used To Live At The Foot Of A Hill…) Russian version by Ap. Korinfsky2:41 
7. From Petrarca (When Your Eyes …)3:14 
Russian version by Ap. Korinfsky 
8. You Want To Love … Words by Ap. Korinfsky2:40 
9. Delia. Words by A. Pushkin1:28 
10. The Sky's All Silver … Words by Ap. Maikov2:26 
Six Songs, Op. 60 
11. The Grace Cup. Words by A. Pushkin2:18 
12. Desire. Words by A. Pushkin2:13 
13. The Nereid. Words by A. Pushkin2:05 
14. Dream. Words by A. Pushkin3:18 
15. My Life Is Still Before Me … Words by Ap. Maikov1:19 
16. Near The Land Where Golden Venice Reigns … Words by A. Pushkin3:06 
17. Hey You, My Free Song! A Duo. Words by P. Seversky2:11 
18. Masha Is Told Not To Cross The River. Words of a traditional Russian song2:00 
19. Shakespeare's Sonnet LXVI ("For Restful Death I Cry…")1:45 
Russian version by A. Kremlev 
20. Nina's Song. Op. 102, from the music to The Masquerade, a drama by M. Lermontov2:10 
Young years 
1881- 1882 
21. Stifling! Words by H. Heine; Russian version by N. Nekrasov1:22 
22. Spanish Romanza. Words by A. Pushkin2:09 
23. Whenever I Hear Your Voice … Words by M. Lermontov1:35 
24. My Songs Are Venomousv… Words by H. Heine,1:24 
Russian version by N. Dobrolyubov 
1881- 1885 
Five Songs, Op. 4 
25. To Your Snow-White Bosom… Words by H. Heine,2:40 
Russian version by N. Dobrolyubov 
26. The Nightingale. Words by A. Koltsov1:52 
27. When I Look Into Your Eyes. Words by H. Heine,1:45 
Russian version by M. Mikhailov 
28. Arab Melody. Words from a traditional song2:25 
29. Spanish Song. Words from a traditional song3:23 


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