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Sacred Bridges - Christian, Jewish and Muslim Psalms, The King's Singers with Sarband

Sacred Bridges - Christian, Jewish and Muslim Psalms, The King's Singers with Sarband -Voices and Orchestra
ID: SIGCD065 (EAN: 635212006528)  | 1 CD | DDD
Signum Records
Voices and Orchestra
GOUDIMEL, Claude | ROSSI, Salomone (Ebreo) | SWEELINCK, Jan Pieterszoon | UFKI, Ali
BIÇER, Celaleddin | DIKMEN, Mustafa Dogan (voice) | IVANOFF, Vladimir | RIZELI, Ahmet Kadri | RIZELI, Safinaz
Chorakademie Dortmund | Innovantiqua Ensemble | RIAS Chamber Choir | Sarband | The King's Singers
Other info:

Signum Classics are proud to release the King's Singers fifth disc on Signum; Sacred Bridges.
For thousands of years, the biblical Psalter has been the liturgical “heart” of the three main book religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The Psalms announce the word of God and, simultaneously, contain the full range of human experience.

Jews, Christians and Muslims sing and listen to the same songs of lament and joy, confessions of sin, hymns of praise and adoration. In this project of the King’s Singers and Sarband, psalm settings by composers from three religions give an example of how psalms can be a source of spirituality, a political instrument, a link between tradition and modernity and, above all, a bridge connecting human beings.

Programme Idea and development - Dr. Vladimir Ivanoff

Sarband performs this program with different choirs and vocal ensembles, until now: King's Singers, RIAS Chamber Choir, Innovantiqua Ensemble, Chorakademie Dortmund.

The group’s name Sarband stems from the Persian and Arabic languages, and means an improvised connection of two parts within a musical suite. Vladimir Ivanoff founded the ensemble in 1986 and has been pursuing an archaeology of complex connections ever since: Above all, ‘Sarband’ endeavours to explore and demonstrate connections between the music-cultures of Islam, Christianity and Judaism. Both sensitively and intensely Sarband celebrates the symbiotic relationship between Orient and Occident.

The continuous musical collaboration within the Ensemble ensures that a dialogue on equal terms is maintained. It is the exchange of practical musical experience between musicians from different cultures that make the performances of Sarband gripping, lively and utmost authentic.

Sarband’s unique repertoire has won them wide acclaim internationally. In the past two decades, the ensemble has performed at numerous international festivals and recorded 15 CDs.

Sarband’s musicians do not see their work as something sporadic but as a part of being and living. Just as religious, economic, cultural and political differences between Orient and Occident play a predominant role in today’s society, Sarband’s music endeavours to show that music has always served as communication in which people found reciprocal respect for each other and could easily contribute in the process of relating in the same way today. Uniting people around the world, offering mutual recognition towards each other, in other words: music as an example for peace.
ROSSI, Salomone (Ebreo) (cca. 1570-1630) 
1. Psalm 124 (ks) ("If It Had Not Been the Lord"), for chorus 2:27
UFKI, Ali / GOUDIMEL, Claude (ca. 1514-1572) 
2. Psalm 9 (ks & s) ("I Will Praise Thee, O Lord"), for chorus 6:17
SWEELINCK, Jan Pieterszoon (1562-1621) 
3. Psalm 6 (ks) Ne vueilles pas, ô Sire (Psalm 6), for 4 voices 4:01
UFKI, Ali 
4. Psalm No. 6 ("O Lord, Rebuke Me Not"), for chorus (from the Genevan Psalter) 13:22
5. Psalm 113 (ks): Halléluia Louez! Serviteurs de l'Eternel 1:44
ROSSI, Salomone (Ebreo) (cca. 1570-1630) 
6. Odekha (Psalm 118) 4:49
7. Psalm No. 2 ("Why Do the Heathen Rage"), instrumental improvisation 6:08
SWEELINCK, Jan Pieterszoon (1562-1621) 
8. Mon Dieu, j'ay en toy esperance (Psalm 7), for 6 voices 4:36
UFKI, Ali 
9. Psalm No. 2 ("Why Do the Heathen Rage"), for chorus (from the Genevan Psalter) 9:02
SWEELINCK, Jan Pieterszoon (1562-1621) 
10. Pourquoy font bruit et s'assemblent les gents? (Psalm 2), for 5 voices 3:07
UFKI, Ali / GOUDIMEL, Claude (ca. 1514-1572) 
11. Psalm No. 5 ("Give Ear to My Words, O Lord"), for chorus (from the Genevan Psalter) 12:06
ROSSI, Salomone (Ebreo) (cca. 1570-1630) 
12. Psalm No. 128 ("Blessed is Every One that Feareth the Lord"), for chorus 3:54


"immaculate blend, perfect tuning and crystal diction ... Superb performances across the cultural divide show that great art transcends political differences. May thine enemy buy it also"
The Times

"A real gift to ... music lovers that need a special musical holiday gift"
Mid West Record Recap

"a fascinating, attractive, beautifully performed-album"

"A real gift to world beat music lovers that need a special musical holiday gift"
Mid West Record Recap

"perfectly judged and beautifully blended sound"
Classic FM Magazine

"An intriguing disc, and far more than a curiosity"
Early Music Review


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