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Igor Rekhin - Cello - Coctail

Igor Rekhin - Cello - Coctail-Cello and Orchestra-Cello Concerto
ID: RCD30112 (EAN: 4600383301129)  | 1 CD | DDD
Released in: 2009
Russian Compact Disc
Cello Concerto
Cello and Orchestra
SHMITOV, Alexey (organ / piano) | ZAGORINSKY, Alexander (cello)
Cello ensemble of Bolshoj Theatre of Moscow under Dimitry Miller
Other info:

Alexander Zagorynsky, Violoncello (1-30)
Alexey Shmitov, Piano (25-30)
Cello ensemble of Bolshoj Theatre of Moscow under Dimitry Miller (31-33)
Recording in Concert Hall of Glinka Museum of Music Culture Moscow in 1996
Recording engineer Boris Zhornikov

Cover Painting: "Body and Soul" by Lena Karpinsky (www.ARTbyLENA.com)
Notes in English / Комментарий на русском
REKHIN, Igor (b. 1941) 
24 caprices for violoncello solo 
1. Caprice I in C major0:43
2. Caprice II in C minor1:57
3. Caprice IV in C sharp minor2:06
4. Caprice V in D major0:44
5. Caprice VI in D minor2:41
6. Caprice VII in E flat major1:01
7. Caprice VIII in E flat minor1:42
8. Caprice IX in E major1:04
9. Caprice X in E minor0:51
10. Caprice XI in F major1:03
11. Caprice XII in F minor2:32
12. Caprice XIII in F sharp major1:01
13. Caprice XIV in F sharp minor2:23
14. Caprice XV in G major1:49
15. Caprice XVI in G minor1:35
16. Caprice XVII in A flat major0:53
17. Caprice XVIII in G sharp minor2:51
18. Caprice XIX in A major0:56
19. Caprice XX in A minor1:32
20. Caprice XXI in B flat major1:56
21. Caprice XXII in B flat minor1:54
22. Caprice XXIII in B major1:21
23. Caprice XXIV in B minor3:11
Six pieces for cello and piano 
24. Melody3:03
25. Lamento4:06
26. Introduction1:00
27. Valse1:46
28. Syncopes and Ostinami3:37
29. Finale1:13
Three humoresques for cello ensemble 
30. Prelude2:28
31. A kind of blues6:06
32. An old Melody2:30


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