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Giovanni Platti - Complete Sonatas: Vol. 3, F. E. Ravizza, harpsichord

Giovanni Platti - Complete Sonatas: Vol. 3, F. E. Ravizza, harpsichord-Historical Instruments
ID: CNT2031 (EAN: 8012665203117)  | 1 CD | DDD - 64 b
Released in: 2006
Historical Instruments
PLATTI, Giovanni
RAVIZZA, Filippo Emanuele (harpsichord)
Other info:

World Premiere Recording

Harpsichord J.D. Dulcken 1742, copy

Historical instruments

DDD 32 bit recording, 64 bit remastering
10 pages booklet, Italian, English, Francias, Deutsch

We are herewith presenting the third CD of the complete harpsichord work (18 Sonatas in total) by Giovanni Benedetto Platti (Padua 1697 - Wuerzburg 1763). We have therefore the chance to listen from Sonata X up to Sonata XIV. For sure all Platti's work demonstrates his intention to broaden the stylistic horizon of the time, starting from a quintessential Baroque foundation and evolving to touch in edge of Classicism. Fausto Torrefranca, one of the major Italian critcs and the first one to study Platti, wrote in his fundamental and monumental publication "Giovanni Benedetto Platti e la Sonata moderna": "How to portray Giovanni Benedetto Platti […] He was a true artist, it's undoubtly, but he was also a great artist and must take his place in history among the most important authors of instrumental music. […] As far as music for harpsichord is concerned […] his style stands out over that of his contemporaries. To have a clear idea, just choose and read one after another, those works in which he had been able to instill his true personality in the most concise and brilliant way and he conquered a place in the world of the indisputable, the highest sphere of art."
PLATTI, Giovanni (1690-1763) 
Sonata X in A minor 
1. Allegro3:53 
2. Adagio2:37 
3. Allegro assai4:01 
Sonata XI in C minor 
4. Adagio4:41 
5. Allegro4:41 
6. Allegro3:19 
Sonata XII in C major 
7. Non tanto Allegro6:01 
8. Larghetto3:08 
9. Polonaise2:29 
10. Allegro3:13 
Sonata XIII in F major 
11. Andantino4:15 
12. Allegro3:29 
13. Menuet1:59 
14. Presto2:29 
Sonata XIV in C major 
15. Allegro5:56 
16. Andantino5:16 
17. Allegro4:24 


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