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F.P. Schubert, Wihelm Muller - Die schoene Muellerin. Hans Jorg Mammel Arthur Schoonderwoerd.

F.P. Schubert,  Wihelm Muller - Die schoene Muellerin. Hans Jorg Mammel Arthur Schoonderwoerd.-Classical Period
ID: RK3104 (EAN: 4018767031041)  | 1 CD | DDD
Released in: 2011
Classical Period
SCHUBERT, Franz (Peter)
MAMMEL, Hans Jörg (tenor) | SCHOONDERWOERD, Arthur (piano)
Other info:

Wilhelm Müller (October 7, 1794 - September 30, 1827) was a German lyric poet.

Schubert sits at the piano in the circle of his friends, and it may well be that this company of authors, artists, and other illustrious personalities is listening to the songs of the “Schoene Muellerin” being sung by Johann Michael Vogl, Schubert’s favorite singer. In his drawing, Moritz von Schwind affords us a glance into the convivial atmosphere of the Schubertiades at which some of Schubert’s works may first have been heard.
The song cycle tells of an unrequited love for the beautiful maid of the mill. The mill stream is the constant companion and dialogue partner of the unhappy journeyman miller, who at the end finds his final resting place in the shallow waters of the creek.
In addition to concerts and opera, Hans Jörg Mammel has made a name for himself above all through his interpretations of the songs of Schubert and the composers of the second Berlin school. He is accompanied in this intimate interpretation by Arthur Schoonderwoerd, one of the most prominent fortepiano players of our time.
SCHUBERT, Franz (Peter) (1797-1828), Wilhelm Müller (1794-1827) was a German lyric poet. 
1. Nr. 1. Das Wandern2:33 
2. Nr. 2. Wohin2:33 
3. Nr. 3. Halt!1:43 
4. Nr. 4. Danksagung an den Bach2:17 
5. Nr. 5. Am Feierabend2:49 
6. 6 Nr. Der Neugierige4:10 
7. 7 Nr. Ungeduld2:49 
8. 8 Nr. Morgengruß3:59 
9. Nr. 9. Des Müllers Blumen3:24 
10. Nr. 10. Tränenregen4:54 
11. Nr. 11. Mein!2:40 
12. Nr. 12. Pause5:00 
13. Nr. 13. Mit dem grünen Lautenbande2:03 
14. Nr. 14. Der Jäger1:10 
15. 15 Nr. Eifersucht und Stolz.1:42 
16. 16 Nr Die liebe Farbe4:21 
17. 17 Nr. Die Böse Farbe2:08 
18. 18 Nr. Trockne Blumen3:17 
19. 19 Nr. Der Müller und der Bach3:35 
20. 20 Nr. Des Baches Wiegenlied7:24 


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