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Great Voices Read Poetry - R.Richardson, J.Betjeman, J. Gielgud, T.S. Eliot, etc...

Great Voices Read Poetry - R.Richardson, J.Betjeman, J. Gielgud, T.S. Eliot, etc...-Spoken word
ID: FRC6141 (EAN: 5055031361410)  | 1 CD
Released in: 2011
Spoken word
BETJEMAN, John (reader) | BURTON, Richard | ELIOT, Thomas Stearns (reader)
Other info:

Ralph Richardson, John Betjeman, John Gielgud, T.S. Eliot, Richard Burton and Robert Donat

Great Voices Read Poetry

1. Keats: Ode on a Grecian Urn read by Ralph Richardson 3.40
2. Keats: Ode to Melancholy read by Ralph Richardson 2.08
3. Keats: Ode to Autumn read by Ralph Richardson 2.26
4. Keats: La belle dame sans merci read by Ralph Richardson 2.37
5. Keats: Bright Star read by Ralph Richardson 1.14
6. Betjeman: A Subaltern's Love Song read by John Betjeman 4.03
7. Betjeman: Youth and Age in Beaulieu River read by John Betjeman 3.24
8. Betjeman: Hunter Trials read by John Betjeman 2.11
9. Shakespeare: Sonnet No. 18 read by John Gielgud 0.51
10. Shakespeare: Sonnet No. 29 read by John Gielgud 0.51
11. Shakespeare: Sonnet No. 30 read by John Gielgud 0.53
12. T.S. Eliot: Gus - The Theatre Cat read by T.S. Eliot 3.35
13. T.S. Eliot: MacAvity - The Mystery Cat read by T.S. Eliot 3.30
14. Dylan Thomas: Fernhill read by Richard Burton 3.20
15. Dylan Thomas: Lament read by Richard Burton 3.42
16. Wordsworth: On Westminster Bridge read by Robert Donat 1.07
17. William Shakespeare: Dirge for Fidele (from Cymbeline) 2.12
18. John Betjeman: Christmas read by Robert Donat 2.57
19. T.S. Eliot: The Journey of the Magi read by Robert Donat 2.53
20. Robert Browning: The Ring and the Book (extract) read by Robert Donat 2.37
21. Robert Bridges: Nightingale read by Robert Donat 1.19
22. Wilfred Owen: Futility read by Robert Donat 0.59
23. Wilfred Owen: Greater Love read by Robert Donat 1.49
24. Rudyard Kipling: The Way Through the Woods read by Robert Donat 1.06
25. Thomas Hardy: The Oxen read by Robert Donat 0.46
26. Walter de la Mare: Before Dawn read by Robert Donat 1.39
27. The Prayer of Francis of Assisi read by Robert Donat 1.56

Ralph Richardson (narrator), John Gielgud (narrator), Robert Donat (narrator) & Richard Burton (narrator)


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