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Russian Clavichords of the 18th century - D. S. Bortniansky, V. F. Trutnovsky, etc...

Russian Clavichords of the 18th century - D. S. Bortniansky, V. F. Trutnovsky, etc...-Facsimile
ID: RCD19101 (EAN: 4600383191010)  | 1 CD | ADD
Released in: 1996
Russian Compact Disc
BORTNIANSKY, Dmitri Stepanovich | KARAULOV, Vasily Semyonivich | PRATCH, Ivan (Jan Bogumir) | TRUTOVSKY, Vasily Fyodorovich
BROAD-DECK (piano) | LUBIMOV, Alexej
Other info:

Recorded in the Presence-chamber of Count Sheremetyev Palace (Moscow) in 1986
KARAULOV, Vasily Semyonivich 
Three Russian Songs with Variations 
1. Lots of Gnats in Our Forest6:41
2. You, My Little Nowhere Child7:04 
3. Sick as I Am4:49 
TRUTOVSKY, Vasily Fyodorovich cca 1740-cca 1810 
Variations on Russian Traditional Songs 
4. Well-bred Big Lad Has5:29
5. Lots of Gnats in Our Forest2:42 
PRATCH, Ivan (Jan Bogumir) middle of 18th cent.-1818 
6. Rondo in F major9:07 
Sonata in C major 
7. Allegro molto con espressione3:27
8. Rondo. Allegretto5:21 
BORTNIANSKY, Dmitri Stepanovich (1752-1825) 
Sonata No. 1 in B flat major 
9. Allegro moderato6:47 
Sonata No. 2 in C major 
10. Allegro moderato7:01 
11. Adagio6:44
12. Rondo allegretto4:03


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