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Sergey Zakharov: Russian Songs & Romances - Sergey Zakharov, baritone - Symphonic Orchestra of All-Union Radio and TV

Sergey Zakharov: Russian Songs & Romances - Sergey Zakharov, baritone - Symphonic Orchestra of All-Union Radio and TV-Russian Romance
ID: RCD26003 (EAN: 4600383260037)  | 1 CD | ADD
Released in: 1995
Russian Compact Disc
Russian Romance
KÁLMÁN, Imre (Emmerich) | LISHIN, Grigory Andreyevich | MALASHKIN, Leonid Dimitrievich | RACHMANINOV, Sergey Vasil'yevich | RUBINSTEIN, Anton Grigor'yevich | TCHAIKOVSKY, Pyotr Il'yich
ZAKHAROV, Sergey (baritone)
Variety - Symphonic Orchestra of All-Union Radio and TV
MIKHALOV, Alexander
Other info:

Russian Songs and Romances
Recorded live at the State Concert Hall "Russia", Moscow, on May 14. 1991, Produced by S. Zakharov
RACHMANINOV, Sergey Vasil'yevich (1873-1943) 
1. Cavatina of Aleko from the Opera "Aleko" ( A. Pushkin)7:22
RUBINSTEIN, Anton Grigor'yevich (1829-1894) 
2. Romance of Demon from the Opera "Demon"3:55
MALASHKIN, Leonid Dimitrievich (1842-1902) / LISHIN, Grigory Andreyevich (1854-1888) 
3. Oh, Could I in Song Tell My Sorrow2:36
TCHAIKOVSKY, Pyotr Il'yich (1840-1893) / A. Tolstoi 
4. At the Ball2:38
5. Serenade of Don Juan3:12
B. Borisov / Y. Diterichs 
6. The Stars in the Sky4:20
P. Bulakhov / I. Zimenko 
7. No, I Don"t Love You2:29
M. Shishkin / M. Yazikov 
8. The Night Is Bright2:57
I. Ivanovici 
9. The Waves of the Danube3:34
B. Tukhmanov / B. Dubrovin 
10. Why Have You Skipped Summer4:24
E. Krylatov / R. Rozhdestvensky 
11. I Love You4:35
A. Morozov / A. Shevelev 
12. The White Mane3:53
E. Martinov / I. Reznik 
13. Apple Trees in Blossom3:31
14. My Dear (E. Wildteifel, author of the words is unknown)2:41
15. My Joy Lives (Popular song)2:17
KÁLMÁN, Emmerich (1882-1953) 
16. Czardas of Tosillo from the Operetta "Gräfin Mariza"3:21
N. Kharito / V. Shumsky 
17. The Chrysanthemum Finished Blossoming3:39
18. The Black Eyes (Ancient Romance)3:39
19. Tell Me Girls (Falvo, Russian lyrics by M. Ulitsky)3:35
KÁLMÁN, Emmerich (1882-1953) 
20. Aria of Mr. X from the Operetta "The Circus Princess"4:18


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