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Klavdiya Shulzhenko: The Blue Scarf - Songs from the years of war

Klavdiya Shulzhenko: The Blue Scarf - Songs from the years of war-Memory of the Heart
ID: RCD26803 (EAN: 4600383268033)  | 1 CD | ADD
Released in: 1995
Russian Compact Disc
Memory of the Heart
BRANOVSKAYA, Raisa (pianoforte) | SHULZHENKO, Klavdiya (singer)
Jazz Orchestra
SEMYONOV, Aleksey | TSFASMAN, Alexander | YURYEV, Leonid
Other info:

Claudia Shulzhenko was a legend of stage and screen in the Soviet Union, especially in the dark years of World War II. Her songs are imbued with that unmistakable Russian character which is so loved around the world.

This is the second of two CDs (Volume 1 is RCD 26802) presenting Claudia Shulzhenko's greatest hits from 1943 to 1948.
1. The Blue Scarf2:50
2. Let's Smoke2:45 
3. We're Sailors from Odessa2:51 
4. My Shadow3:00 
5. Don't Hide2:29 
6. The Courier of Luck2:42
7. The Partisans3:00 
8. As Though2:31 
9. Don't Worry2:51
10. The Berry2:01 
11. Come Earlier3:00 
12. The Day Comes3:08 
13. To a Friend2:10 
14. A Song about Men3:04
15. Lolita3:04 
16. Together2:50 
17. A Nice Girl2:52 
18. A Shine of Farewell3:01 
19. A Lovely Song3:04 
20. Tell Me about Love2:56 
21. Come Again1:57
22. A Lyrical Song3:03 
23. Student's Party3:07 
24. The Beginning and End4:08 
25. The Forgotten Waltz3:10 


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