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T.W.O. (Tunes Without Obligations) - Minus Treli

T.W.O. (Tunes Without Obligations) - Minus Treli
ID: CDMAN488-12
CDs: 1
Type: CD
Collection: Ethno
Subcollection: Ethno

Vlad Kurmaev - accordion, electro guitar
Maxim Zhupikov -violins
Arthur Kestner - bass
George Mazhuga -woodwinds, electronics
Vadim Petukhov -drums
Alexander Nikolaev - acoistic guitar, ethnic plucked strings
Elizaveta Berezhnova, viola (1, 8, 12)
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VeDaKi (Vershki DA KoreshkIi)- Samm-M.Sylla - S.Starostin-A.Levin -V.Volkov

VeDaKi (Vershki DA KoreshkIi)- Samm-M.Sylla - S.Starostin-A.Levin -V.Volkov
ID: CDMAN343-08
CDs: 1
Type: CD
Collection: Ethno
Subcollection: Songs

1. Xame Nge / Golubka
2. Samm / Mak
3. Mariama
4. Заливочка / Buleen nu Tandgai
5. Djougal (duo)
6. Млада / Faleme
7. Papa Ndiaye
8. Adunna / Kak u nas
9. Jot na / Posledniy denochek
10. Zaglyanet li Solntse / Dundu ak Dee
11. Djibanee (duo)

VeDaKi (Vershki DA KoreshkIi), ensemble

If only for the ethnic composition of the group, Vershki Da Koreshki is one of the most radical ensembles in the world. Composed of a Tuvan singer and musician (Huun-Huur Tu's lead singer, Kaigal-ool Khovalyg), two Russian avant-garde jazz instrumentalists (Vladimir Volkov and pianist/accordionist Alexi Levin), and a Senegalese singer and percussionist (Mola Sylla), Vershki Da Koreshki truly brings the world under one musical umbrella.

The group's multi-weave of East and West is dazzling. The wiry Asian inflections of Khovalyg's awe-inspiring throat singing abut complex tribal polyrhythms and Sylla's warm West African melodies. These disparate elements are spliced with progressive jazz accompaniment and wild improvisational soloing, creating a shifting, seething whole that is at once dark, evocative, propulsively rhythmic, and celebratory. As the band's name indicates ("Vershki" is Russian for 'leaves,' while "Koreshki" means 'roots'), these international experimentalists are simultaneously anchored in fundamental world rhythms and dedicated to exploration in the more ethereal realms. They meld the two approaches to create an organic whole. THE REAL LIFE OF PLANTS, the band's debut, is more than a musical document. It is a beautiful articulation of a singular global musical vision.
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Yat Kha - Live at Stray Dog Club

Yat Kha - Live at  Stray Dog Club
CDs: 1
Type: CD
Collection: Ethno
Subcollection: Voice and Band

On the CD includes some songs from the last album Albert Kuvezin "Poets and Lighthouses", published in 2010 in England and is engaged in top European World Music Charts in early 2011, as well as old favorites group, already beloved by fans. Special atmosphere of this concert the audience and give himself room art-club "Stray Dog", which took place on this record.

Albert Kuvezhin - vocals, guitar
Evgeny Tkachev - drums, mandolin, backing vocals
Sholban Mongush - vocals, igil, temir-khomus
Alex Saaya - bass, clarinet, backing vocals
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The Grass Harp

The Grass Harp
CDs: 1
Type: CD
Collection: Ethno
Subcollection: Ensemble

The CD The Grass Harp was created 2012/2013 under the German guidance in Russia as part of the project “The planet of people: art laboratories of cultural celebrities from over the world“. The professional musicians and also beginners have participated in the project. We would like to introduce some of them. Marian Kaldararu is Moldavian musician, percussionist, who already have visited with his concerts almost the whole world. And Maria Korepanova is interpreter of the ancient north Udmurts and Besermyans songs (The Duo “Izha”). Two German musicions: Stefan Charisius, teacher and composer, masterful playing the West African kora and Matthias Schneider-Hollek, who used to interweave computer techniques in musical creation with his soul-fellows. Under the guidance of Irina Pizhjanova, the interpreter of folkmusic Andrej Mikhajlov (percussion, the winds), Leonid Imennich (accordion, archi) and Sergej Misjurev (multi instrumentalist) play in the band “Voronovo Krilo”.
This unique project isn’t the adopting version of the ethnic music in according to the commercial music standarts. The musicians listen and understand each other in the unconscious level. The musicians are always different from the everyday people, because they listen the sound of ages, the sound of their own culture, of the Mother Earth. In the tracks, mixing melodies of the Udmurts and Besermyans, Russians and African elements could be listened electronic tunes, that intensifying all the beauty of the ethnic music. It seems, that the musicians listen the human music from the times, when the tower of Babel had not parted everything in the world. That were times, when people could listen even the grass voices and with the purpose to interpret the music the man invented the grass harp.
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