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Vocal Collection, page 57

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Grace Bumbry - Lugano Recital 1991

Grace Bumbry - Lugano Recital 1991
ID: VLD163
CDs: 1
Type: DVD
Collection: Vocal Collection

Recorded live in Lugano Palazzo die Congress 1991

Près des remparts de Séville (Séguedille) (from Carmen)

Medee. Overture

Io son l'umile ancella (from Adriana Lecouvreur)

Pleurez, mes yeux (Le Cid)
Il est doux, il est bon (from Hérodiade)

Khovanshchina: Prelude

Manon Lescaut: Intermezzo Act III

Semiramide Overture

Mon cœur s'ouvre à ta voix (from Samson et Dalila)

La forza del destino Overture
La traviata: Prelude to Act 3
O don fatale (from Don Carlo)

Grace Bumbry (soprano) / Orchestra della Seizer, Massimo Padilla

Region Code: 0, Plays in all territories, NTSC
Color mode: Colour
Screen (Picture) 4:3
Sound Format: Stereo
Time: 93 min.
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F.J.Haydn - Complete original Solo Songs with Piano: E. Ameling, soprano - J. Demus, piano

F.J.Haydn - Complete original Solo Songs with Piano: E. Ameling, soprano - J. Demus, piano
ID: PTC5186185
CDs: 2
Type: SACD
Collection: Vocal Collection
Subcollection: Vocal and Piano

Multichannel Hybrid SACD - DSD
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Handel - Alexander's Feast - Ludus Baroque

Handel - Alexander's Feast -  Ludus Baroque
ID: DCD34094
CDs: 2
Type: CD
Collection: Baroque

Handel's musical illustration of Dryden's Alexander's Feast, first performed in 1736, was a critical and popular success. A day after the première, the London Daily Post reported 'Never was upon the like Occasion so numerous and splendid an Audience at any Theatre in London, there being at least 1300 Persons present'.

Twice a year some of the UK's finest baroque players and young vocal soloists come together in Edinburgh's Canongate Kirk to give sell-out concerts of the great works of Bach and Handel. The chorus, handpicked by Will Dawes, comprises a sensational selection of singers from Britain’s finest early music consorts, including the Monteverdi Choir, the Sixteen, Polyphony and the Gabrieli and King’s Consorts.

Ludus Baroque's appearances are unmissable events in Edinburgh's calendar. Now for the first time listeners from further afield can experience the vibrancy of their Festival-fuelled performances in this their debut recording. Alexander's Feast is the perfect showpiece for the vitality and abandon of Ludus Baroque and their rising-star soloists.

Ludus Baroque - baroque chamber orchestra
Sophie Bevan soprano
Ed Lyon tenor
William Berger bass
Richard Neville-Towle conductor

Track listing

Part One (disc 1)

1 Ouverture
2 Recitative (tenor) ‘Twas at the royal feast
3 Air (soprano / tenor) and Chorus Happy, happy, happy pair!
4 Recitative (tenor) Timotheus, plac’d on high
5 Recitative (soprano) The song began from Jove
6 Chorus The list’ning crowd admire the lofty sound
7 Air (soprano) With ravish’d ears the monarch hears
8 Recitative (tenor) The praise of Bacchus
9 Air (bass) and Chorus Bacchus, ever fair and young
10 Recitative (tenor) Sooth’d with the sound, the king grew vain
11 Recitative (soprano) He chose a mournful Muse
12 Air (soprano) He sung Darius, great and good
13 Recitative (soprano) With downcast looks the joyless victor sate
14 Chorus Behold Darius great and good
15 Recitative (tenor) The mighty master smil’d to see
16 Arioso (soprano) Softly sweet in Lydian measures
17 Air (tenor) War, he sung, is toil and trouble
18 Chorus The many rend the skies with loud applause
19 Air (soprano) The prince, unable to conceal his pain

Part Two (disc 2)

1 Recitative (tenor) and Chorus Now strike the golden Lyre again
2 Air (bass) Revenge, Timotheus cries
3 Recitative (tenor) Give the vengeance due
4 Air (tenor) The princes applaud with a furious joy
5 Air (soprano) and Chorus Thais led the way
6 Recitative (tenor) Thus, long ago
7 Grand Chorus At last divine Cecilia came
8 Recitative (tenor / bass) Let old Timotheus yield the prize
9 Chorus Let old Timotheus yield the prize
10 Chorus Your voices tune, and raise them high
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Un gioco ardito - A daring game - D. Scarlatti - A film by Francesco Leprino - Voice by Shel Shapiro

Un gioco ardito - A daring game - D. Scarlatti - A film by Francesco Leprino - Voice by Shel Shapiro
ID: CNT2021
CDs: 1
Type: DVD
Collection: Vocal Collection
Subcollection: Voices and Orchestra

12 thematic variations on the music by D. Scarlatti

Genere: Documentary film, Made in Italy, 2006
Video farmat: NTSC 16:9
Audio Format: Dolby Digital 2.0
audio and subtitles: Italian,English
Color: Color

Music by Domenico Scarlatti edited and performed by: Arrigo Cappelletti, Alfredo Casella, Azio Corghi, Giovanni Falzone, Giorgio Gaslini, Ruggero Laganà, Fabio Nieder, Le Orme, Maurizio Pisati, Salvatore Sciarrino, Javier Torres Maldonado, Isa Traversi, Massimiliano Viel - Ruggero Laganà, harpsichord.

Interviews with: Enrico Bajano, Emilia Fadini, Gustav Leonhardt, Roberto Pagano, Giorgio Pestelli, José Saramago, Salvatore Sciarrino.

Domenico Scarlatti, son of Alessandro, was a European musician who cultivated - whether driven by familial obligation or existential compulsion - an unusual enthusiasm for music reserved for the harpsichord, the keyboard instrument of which he was a master and on which he won the historic competition against Haendel.
An extremely shy person (unlike Alessandro), he preferred teaching the virtuoso Infanta and future queen of Spain, Maria Barbara di Braganza to the popularity of the theatre, which he had enjoyed for almost 40 years. His activity as a teacher led to the need for these "exercises", which are as far from the typical exercises for learners as they are from the forms popular in the concert hall.
The 555 Sonatas (actually there are almost 600) he wrote are unconventional according to the standards of that time and those of the future. They are impregnated with the cultural patrimony Domenico came into contact with in his lifetime. Influences from Naples, Lusitania and the Iberian Peninsula show through in these dazzling, atypical forms that exude cleverness, originality and modernity thanks to their very discontinuity and apparent incoherence.
The objective of this film is to write a musical biography straddling the surreal and the metaphysics of a personage "all music". It's a game of wit and taste where different languages, styles and music mix and mingle naturally and easily. As a result in this film we feel as if Scarlatti were with us and among us here and now.
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Georgian Journey - Secular and spiritual vocal music

Georgian Journey - Secular and spiritual vocal music
ID: RK2304
CDs: 2
Type: CD
Collection: Vocal Collection
Subcollection: Choir

Antchis Chati Chor (Tbilissi), Tsinandali Chor (Telavi/Kachetien), Three Elderly Singers (Gurien)

The traditional music of Georgia is the only music in the world to be under UNESCO protection. The music of Georgia is at its origins polyphonic. That none of the neighbouring countries have produced anything similar, eliminates the possibility that Georgians were directly influenced by other musical cultures. The Antchis Chati Choir has set itself the goal of reconstructing the Georgian repertoire in its original form. Its members maintain contacts with Georgian music experts all over the country. They often travel to villages, to record the song variations that are still sung today.

In summer 2003 Raumklang (Sebastian Pank) travelled to Georgia and met there beside the Antchis Chati Choir the Tsinandali Choir and three older singers from Guria. This recording was produced with an emergency generator in an old monastery, an abandoned cinema, and a former cultural centre. With this CD one can travel through Georgia in a musical way. From the powerful songs of Kachetia, Kartli and Megrelia - songs of love, about the host, wedding songs, an ancient field work song and others - to the sacred music from the Schemokmedi monastery.
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J.S. Bach - Markuspassion BWV 247 - Volker Bräutigam: Evangelienmusik zu Bachs Markuspassion

J.S. Bach - Markuspassion BWV 247 - Volker Bräutigam: Evangelienmusik zu Bachs Markuspassion
ID: RK2307
CDs: 2
Type: CD
Subcollection: Voices

Leipziger Vocalensemble
Leipziger Barockorchester
Ulrike Staude - Sopran/soprano
Klaudia Zeiner - Alt/alto
Martin Petzold - Tenor/tenor
(Leitung/direction: David Timm)

cantores lipsienses
Hermann Oswald - Tenor/tenor
Wolf Matthias Friedrich - Bass/bass
Christiane Bräutigam - Orgel/organ
Stephan Stopora - Schlagzeug/percussion
(Leitung/direction: Volker Bräutigam)
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Simon Mayr: Sisara - Franz Hauk, Vanessa Barkowski

Simon Mayr: Sisara - Franz Hauk, Vanessa Barkowski
ID: GMCD7288_9
CDs: 2
Type: CD
Collection: Vocal Collection
Subcollection: Opera

Abra, Dina - Claudia Schneider, soprano
Sisara - Vanessa Barkowski, mezzo-soprano
Debbora, Thamar - Stefanie Braun, soprano
Barac, Elcana - Petra van der Mieden, soprano
Jahel - Talia Or, soprano
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W. A. Mozart - Divertimenti & Notturni - Complete Works for Basset-Horns

W. A. Mozart - Divertimenti & Notturni - Complete Works for Basset-Horns
ID: CNT2023-2
CDs: 2
Type: CD
Collection: Vocal Collection
Subcollection: Quartet

Even that which is light can be great if it is written in a fluent and easy style and if at the same time, it is based on a solid composition. (Letter from Leopold Mozart to his son, August 13, 1788).

Mozart's predilection for the amber tones of the clarinet and its darker cousin, the basset horn dates mostly to his last creative season. Contributing to this passion was the fact that at that time he was frequently in the company of the clarinetist, Anton Paul Stadler, the person to whom he dedicated many of the pieces he wrote for this instrument and who inspired some of them as well. Another contributing factor was the carefree and refined atmosphere experienced at the Baron Nikolaus Joseph von Jacquin's Wednesdays when the illuminati of the enlightenment and Viennese freemasonry met in the botanical garden of the palace at the very end of the 1800's.
On these occasions, in addition to discussions of philosophy, art, science - and in addition to amusing table games - very high-level music was played. Even Stadler himself was practically a permanent guest of these evenings along with several other clarinet virtuosos. It is in this framework that both Notturnos KV 437 and 439 for three voices, two clarinets or three basset horns, on text by Metastasio, as well as the five Divertimenti for the same instruments, without voices KV439b were written.
Mozart' s interest for the clarinet family, of which the basset horn is part, is also evident by their being increasingly present in the composer's mature work: besides these famous masterpieces there is the Clarinet Quintet (for clarinet and strings) in A major, KV 581, called the "Stadler Quintet" and the Clarinet Concerto in A major KV 622 (his last composition written for a solo instrument two months before his death). The clarinet and the basset horn also figure very prominently in the corpus of work referred to as the "Masonic music". His encounter with Freemasonry in their lodge in Vienna (Zur Wohltätigkeit - Beneficence) and Mozart's initiation in 1784 seem to have induced the Salzburg composer to prefer the lower, more masculine timbres of these instruments, according to some commentators. These instruments, along with the "heroic" tone of E flat, became a sort of musical symbol of the rituals of the Freemasons from that time on. Whatever the intentions were, the musical result ranges from the extraordinarily high level entertainment of the Divertimenti to the throbbing and melancholic tenderness of the Notturni, a true synthesis of an epoch and an incomparable stylistic signature.

Iconography: Gianluca Corona, Fragole e Lamponi, 2000, oil on wood, private collection
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Mahler - Symphony No. 2 - 'Resurrection'

Mahler - Symphony No. 2 - 'Resurrection'
ID: MELCD1002253
CDs: 2
Type: CD
Collection: Vocal Collection
Subcollection: Voice and Choir

Evgenia Gorokhovskaya (mezzo-soprano) & Galina Kovalyova (soprano)

Choir of the Leningrad State Academic, Kirov Opera and Ballet Theatre, The Symphony Orchestra of the Leningrad State Academic Kirov Opera & Ballet Theatre, Yuri Temirkanov
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Alexander Goehr - Sing, Ariel/ The Death of Moses

Alexander Goehr - Sing, Ariel/ The Death of Moses
CDs: 2
Type: CD
Collection: Vocal Collection
Subcollection: Voices and Chamber Ensemble

Sing, Ariel sets a patchwork of texts, ranging from Milton to Wallace Stevens, for 3 solo sopranos; it is coupled with The Death of Moses, a vast choral exploration of Hebrew myth.
Originally released on Unicorn-Kanchana in 1993/4.
Reissued with funding from Arts Council England.
20.00 eur Buy
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