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Mantra - musical conversations across the Indian Ocean

Mantra - musical conversations across the Indian Ocean
CDs: 1
Type: CD
Kolektion: TraditionalSubkolektion: Ethno

The dramatic and evocative encounter of Portuguese missionaries and Goan Indians in the early 16th century stands out as a thrillingly inspirational chapter in the story of musical fusion. These award-winning musicians explore the extraordinarily blended sounds of historic Europe and Asia and apply their collective experiences to create a radical new dialogue for the 21st century.

The Orlando Consort collaborates with virtuosos Jonathan Mayer (sitar), Shahid Khan (voice), and Kuljit Bhamra (tabla) to create exciting new works that fuse early music and Indian classical music.
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Georgian Journey - Secular and spiritual vocal music

Georgian Journey - Secular and spiritual vocal music
ID: RK2304
CDs: 2
Type: CD
Kolektion: Vocal CollectionSubkolektion: Choir

Antchis Chati Chor (Tbilissi), Tsinandali Chor (Telavi/Kachetien), Three Elderly Singers (Gurien)

The traditional music of Georgia is the only music in the world to be under UNESCO protection. The music of Georgia is at its origins polyphonic. That none of the neighbouring countries have produced anything similar, eliminates the possibility that Georgians were directly influenced by other musical cultures. The Antchis Chati Choir has set itself the goal of reconstructing the Georgian repertoire in its original form. Its members maintain contacts with Georgian music experts all over the country. They often travel to villages, to record the song variations that are still sung today.

In summer 2003 Raumklang (Sebastian Pank) travelled to Georgia and met there beside the Antchis Chati Choir the Tsinandali Choir and three older singers from Guria. This recording was produced with an emergency generator in an old monastery, an abandoned cinema, and a former cultural centre. With this CD one can travel through Georgia in a musical way. From the powerful songs of Kachetia, Kartli and Megrelia - songs of love, about the host, wedding songs, an ancient field work song and others - to the sacred music from the Schemokmedi monastery.
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The Birth of Southall Bhangra [Box set]

The Birth of Southall Bhangra [Box set]
CDs: 4
Type: CD
Kolektion: World MusicSubkolektion: Songs

This collectors' 4 CD boxset brings together 55 classic tracks that inspired the development of bhangra. Recorded in and around Southall between 1978 and 2000 by numerous popular bands it also includes the first analogue albums made by Premi and Heera. The word Bhangra originally described a type of folk dance and song performed by male groups in the Punjab. Today, Bhangra is global musical phenomena due to a gradual reinvention that took place in England between the mid-1960s and mid-1990s. The impact has been so profound, that it has influenced music produced in Mumbai - the music capital of India - and many Bollywood songs now incorporate British Bhangra rhythms and lyrics. This box set spotlights an era, one that was originally a fragmented music scene, and it highlights the legacy and lure of a variety of artists in the development of British music. A double CD includes original recordings by Bhujhangy, Sangeeta and Mohinder Kaur Bhamra, including special appearances from India stars K Deep and Hans Raj Hans. All tracks were produced and directed by Kuljit Bhamra who also plays tabla, dholak, percussion and keyboards. included are two original analogue albums made by Premi: Chhamak Jehi Mutiar and Heera: Jagh Wala Mela.
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