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Mixing Point - Moscow. World Voices Remixed - Anton Silaev

Mixing Point - Moscow. World Voices Remixed - Anton Silaev
ID: MR-7007
CDs: 1
Type: CD
Collection: Folk -Rock
Subcollection: Songs

Genre: Rock, Folk, World, & Country
Style: Experimental

The voice of Shobha Joshi (India), Sergey Starostin (Russia),
Moiramo and Mashrab Shierdil (Badakhshan) recorded live in Moscow.
Karina Moller's voice - courteasy of Karina Moller & Riddu Riddu Festivala

Anton Silaev - Keyboards, Sampler [Samples], Baglama [Saz], Flute [Aryhul (Arabian Flute)], Bells [Bell], Voice, Goblet Drum [Darbuka], Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Recorder [Bass]
Veronika Ershova - Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar
Denis Zagumenov - Bassoon
Elena Titova - Violin
Maria Koroleva -Violin
Ksenia Juleva - Viola
Dmitry Seryabryakov - Bass
Ksenia Juleva -
Karina Moller - Vocals -
Sergey Starostin - Vocals
Mashrab Shierdil - Vocals
Shobha Joshi - Vocals
Vika Vassilieva - Vocals - Russian Folk Voices
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APPLE - russian country-fol-rock - Marina Kapuro

APPLE - russian country-fol-rock - Marina Kapuro
ID: CDMAN401-10
CDs: 1
Type: CD
Collection: Folk -Rock
Subcollection: Voice and Band

1. Naigrysh
2. Yekhal Ivan'ka s krutykh gor
3. YA po lugu gulyala
4. Zal ozhidaniya
5. Kum kumu lyubil
6. Oy, so vechera, so polunochi
7. Chastushki Kirishskogo rayona Leningradskoy obl.
8. Shla voyna k tomu Berlinu
9. Svadebnaya
10. YA poseyala lenku
11. U vorot, vorot batyushkinykh
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KhaRa - Meryachenie ( maditation psychedelic rock shaman rock )

KhaRa - Meryachenie ( maditation psychedelic rock shaman rock )
CDs: 1
Type: CD
Collection: Folk -Rock
Subcollection: Songs

The parallel between the journey and death has long been a common place in world culture. But extreme experience can withstand a few. Therefore, the album "Meryachenie" - is a hostel for Berserkers. It is designed for the few daring who are not afraid to

What can bind guitar blues, Slavic melodies and shamanic rhythms? The answer can be found in the new album Siberian psychedelic rock band "Khara" (from Old Slavic "smile of God"), which constitute the basis of these so different, at first glance, terms.

Alexander Medvedev (Darky): «We have long pondered this project, but in reality everything was accomplished overnight. The album was recorded in a single day. "Khara" - this is primarily an improvisation, where each contributes what it sees fit. We just completely disconnected from reality and play ..."

Improvisation for musicians became a universal language, coming from the depths of the soul and pierces any barriers to the listener's heart. Blues guitar melancholy, rolling steppes rhythms and melodic minor Slavic instruments take us to the enchanted world of ancient tales and legends revived.

The album name "Meryachenie" - in the language of the northern peoples is an unusual mental state associated with shamans and northern magic. The Eskimos call it the call of the North Star.
Edward Pogodin (Leshy): "Our music is necessary listen to the heart and soul, but not his head. Head can not listen, otherwise break."

The vocals, as well as the party on the author's ethnic instruments perform Edward Pogodin "Leshy" - a master and an expert on ancient stringed and wind instruments which he makes himself. Similar to the throat singing guitar and synth melodies by Alexander Medvedev (Darky), well-known project «Gen-Dos» and «Ug-Shig», making to the sound "Khara" special magic, and the rhythmic component of album sets the groove of ethnic percussion Artem Aksenov, a red line which goes echoing drum rolls large Tuvan "kengirge".

Edward Pogodin (Goblin) - vocals, pelgusy, domovinka, Kaliuk ...
Alexander Medvedev (Darky) - guitar, talk box vocals, midi.
Artem Aksenov - kengirge, percussion
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Baraka - Hip-hop tribute to Ahmad Zahir

Baraka  - Hip-hop tribute to Ahmad Zahir
CDs: 1
Type: CD
Collection: Folk -Rock
Subcollection: Voice and Band

World folk rock hang drum throat singing traditional ethno world music Russian Federation

The new album of Baltic band Baraka is devoted to Ahmad Zahir - famous Afghan singer from the mid-20 century who is well-known and beloved throughout the Eastern world and beyond. The basic conceptual and semantic line of the album is to show that the life of the prophet, save in his own country (and Ahmad Zahir was certainly a prophet to some extent), is short, dangerous, and, of course, tragic. The last song on the album is called “My Death” - Zahir performed it when he was still alive, thus saying that his life will be an offering to the culture of his people, it will be bright like the flight of the star, but, unfortunately, rather short. He was a great reformer, as he brought European instruments and electronic sound into the Afghan popular music. At that time, it was a huge and brave step forward for all of its musicians. We continued his reforms in some sense by adding rap and jazz to the famous Central Asian songs. Besides constant Baraka band members album features various hip-hop artists from Tajikistan and singer Zarina Tajibaeva who is well-known in Europe. The album is accessible to a wider audience, for Western listeners as well as for the Eastern. It includes certain elements of the Eastern culture, jazz improvisation, rap and academic vocal performance.
musicians Devika Evsikova - vocal, bass Zarina Tajibaeva - vocal Deniss Pashkevich - flute, sax Viktor Ritov - piano, rhodes piano, synth solo Artem Sarvi - rhodes piano, synth solo Madars Kalnins - rhodes piano Egor Kovaikov - electric and acoustic guitars, dutor Artur Kutepov -guitars Dmitry Evsikov - all percussion and arrangements Rap Alijon Boynazarov Amin Mamadnazarov Khurshed Davronzod Dorob Yan's Rayyan Sabet-Parry Sabzali Navruzov Imomdod Orifov Mister Ruslan KiLLa Voice Kova Tilavpur
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Dlina Dykhaniya - Kraski

Dlina Dykhaniya - Kraski
ID: SKMR121-1
CDs: 1
Type: CD
Collection: Folk -Rock
Subcollection: Voice and Band

World folk rock hang drum throat singing traditional ethno world music Russian Federation

Avgustin Grishin - guitar, voice, harmonica, lyricist and music Renat Bakirov - guitar Yuriy Sergeyev - bass, bodhran (13) Aleksandr Mayevskiy - drums, Cajon (8), shaker, tambourine Sergey Klevenskiy - whistle, clarinet, kalyuka, zhaleyka Odissey Bogusevich - keyboards Yuriy Kaplya - backing vocals (2, 5, 11), Kazoo (11) Boris Val'd - bongos (2, 7), the Congo (4) Natal'ya Bakirova - backing vocals (4, 14) Mariya Khudobina - cello (4, 14) Yevgeniy Kozlov - - bass (8) Aleksey Chudinov - Banjo (5)
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Fairport Convention and Matthews Southern Comfort - Live in Maidstone 1970

Fairport Convention and Matthews Southern Comfort - Live in Maidstone 1970
CDs: 1
Type: CD
Collection: Folk -Rock
Subcollection: Songs

Format: Soundtrack, Import, Live
Technical Credits
Ian Matthews - Contributor

This CD is literally drawn from the soundtrack of Tony Palmer's recently rediscovered film of Fairport Convention and Matthews Southern Comfort playing an open-air gig at the Maidstone Fiesta in 1970 -- the narrator's voice occasionally pops into the beginning and end of the tracks, and while the sound quality is good, the firm compression and lack of stereo spread certainly suggest the tone of a shot-on-16mm documentary from the early '70s. Also, at just over half an hour divided between two bands, this doesn't offer much of a picture of either act, through folk-rock legends Fairport Convention are certainly in spirited form on these recordings. This performance features the same edition of the band (Richard Thompson, Dave Swarbrick, Simon Nichol, Dave Pegg, and Dave Mattacks) that recorded 1970's classic Full House, and the speedy, swaggering jigs and reels are every bit as impressive as those found on the excellent live album House Full (recorded the same year, but not released until 1988). Matthews Southern Comfort's British variation on American country-rock doesn't get as much time on this disc, although Iain Matthews' rich, supple vocals are wonderful, as is the band (especially guitarists Mark Griffiths and Carl Barnwell and Gordon Huntley on pedal steel); perhaps their music is less immediately exciting, but if given a few spins to sink in, this reaffirms the consensus that Matthews Southern Comfort deserved more much attention than they received in their day. Short and sweet, Live in Maidstone 1970 documents two of the finest bands of the U.K. folk-rock scene near the top of their game in front of a clearly appreciative audience, and what's here is splendid -- hopefully some archivist will someday unearth tapes of the full sets both acts played that afternoon.
˜ Mark Deming, Rovi
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Time for joy - Folk songs of southern and central regions of Russia

Time for joy - Folk songs of southern and central regions of Russia
CDs: 2
Type: CD
Collection: Folk -Rock
Subcollection: Voice and Ensemble

World folk rock hang drum throat singing traditional ethno world music Russian Federation

Folk Ensemble Svechanik
«Time for joy. Folk songs of southern and central regions of Russia»

Nowadays, in the world of high technologies and globalization, the preservation of the Russian national culture, an indispensable component of our national identity, becomes one of the key issues. All over Russia folklorists, ethnographers, and members of various folk ensembles try to get all the possible knowledge about the national culture in different regions of the country. The folk ensemble "Svechanik", founded in Moscow in 1999 on the basis of the music school named after Evgeniy Svetlanov, is one of such ensembles.
The members of "Svechanik" decided to concentrate on the study of the culture of a certain area, that is the south of Russia, in particular, the regions of Belgorod, Voronezh, and Lipetsk. The choice of the area is not accidental. The leader of the ensemble, Irina Golovina, was born and grew up in Lipetsk region. Her grandmother, Maria Molchanova, was an authentic singer, a bearer of Belgorod and Voronezh folk traditions. Thus, as a child Irina was submerged in the traditional culture of southern Russia.

However, the members of "Svechanik" also turn to the traditions of other regions of Russia and study orthodox chants as sung by peasants, particularly, under the supervision of Elena Barabanova, the teacher of smaller children. The songs are performed a cappella as well as to the accompaniment of Ivan Bokarev, an outstanding musician who plays the traditional musical instruments, such as garmon, balalaika, horn, gusli.

The repertoire of the ensemble includes songs belonging to different genres and periods of history: from ancient ritual songs to Russian urban romance typical of the beginning of the XX century. Many songs were collected by the members of "Svechanik" during folk expeditions to Lipetsk, Voronezh and Belgorod regions.

A couple of years ago "Svechanik" organized a folk festival "The Thread of Times". Among the participants there were authentic singers from Soldatskoe and Russkaya Trostyanka villages of Voronezh region and Novoukolovo village of Belgorod region.
The main goal of the ensemble is not only to study and preserve but also to popularize Russian folklore, in particular, the unique tradition of the south of Russia.
released March 16, 2015

Lead the singing:
Afanasieva Sofia - 3
Vekshina Elena - 9,11,13
Vinogradova Anna - 1 (solo), 7
Vnukova Elizaveta - 15
Golovina Irina - 3,12,14
Zavnyagina Vera - 10
Strukova Anastasia - 2,4,6,8

Afanasieva Sofia - 1, 2(solo), 5,10
Vnukova Elizaveta - 3,11
Vnukova Polina - 12
Golovina Irina - 6
Grigorash Taisiya - 9 (solo)
Zavnyagina Vera - 15 (solo)
Kridiner Alexandra - 8 (solo)
Strukova Anastasia - 13 (solo)
Filyushkina Alina - 7
Duet and trio:
Kridiner Alexandra, Barabanova Elena - 4
Golovina Irina, Strukova Anastasia, Zavnyagina Vera - 1.05, 2.14, 2.16

Instruments: guitar -Dmitriy Peshev (disk 2, track 15), balalaika - Kirill Lavrushkin (disk 2, track 15)
Leader of the ensemble - Irina Golovina
Teacher of the youngest children, vocal - Elena Barabanova
Accompanist - Ivan Bokarev
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