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Ensemble PRO ARTE - New Russian Music - Pythian Games. Highlights (2002-2005) Competition (Live)

Ensemble PRO ARTE - New Russian Music - Pythian Games. Highlights (2002-2005) Competition (Live)
ID: MELCD1001056
CDs: 2
Type: CD
Collection: Contemporary music
Subcollection: Ensemble

(1 - 7) - Ensemble PRO ARTE Institute
(2) - Matvey Lapin, violin
(4) - Angelina Dashkovskaya, soprano
(5) - Sergey Chirkov, accordion
(6) - Andrei Vikharev, flute
(7) - Aleksei Bogorad, viola
CD 2
(1 - 5) - Ensemble PRO ARTE Institute
(1) - Youth Chamber Choir of St.Petersburg
(1) - Dmitry Skazhenik, tenor
(4, 5) - Boris Filanovsky, voice
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Péter Eötvös - Three Sisters

Péter Eötvös - Three Sisters
CDs: 2
Type: CD
Collection: Contemporary music
Subcollection: Orchestra

What I have attempted to do in this piece is to study these personalities, their passions, their actions and passivity, the impossible choices they face and the impossibility of those choices, the choices they should be making, but ultimately do not make.Péter Eötvös

CD 1
01. No.1: 'Múzïka igráyet tak bódro' (Olga, Masha, Irina) 5:10
First sequence: Irina
02. No.2: 'Bóže moy! Kudá vsyo ušló?' (Irina, Olga) 4:42
03. No.3: Refrain: 'Oná khódit tak, kak búdto samá podožglá' (Masha) 1:01
04. No.4: 'Molodcï! Molodcï! Zolotóy naród!' (Vershinin, Kulygin, Tuzenbach, Irina, Doctor, Masha, Soliony) 3:33
05. No.5: 'Daváyte mirít'sya' (Tuzenbach, Soliony, Doctor, Olga, Andrei, Fedotik, Rodé, Vershinin, Kulygin, Anfisa, Masha, Irina) 4:48
06. No.6: 'Ya ne lyublyú i boyús' étogo vášego solyónogo' (Irina, Tuzenbach, Doctor, Soliony) 8:28
07. No.7: 'Ya lyublyú, ya lyublyú, beskonéčno lyublyú...'(Soliony, Irina) 4:43
08. No.8: 'Vï tóže zdes'?' (Soliony, Natasha, Irina, Anfisa) 2:55
09. No.9: In the garden (The first farewell): 'Spasíbo za vsyo!' (Fedotik, Rodé, Tuzenbach, Irina, Kulygin, Doctor) 2:01
10. No.10: In the garden: 'Iván Románič, vï včerá bïli na bul'váre' (Irina, Doctor, Kulygin, Soliony) 0:55
11. No.11: In the garden (The second farewell): 'Mílaya, ya seyčás pridú' (Tuzenbach, Irina) 3:49
12. No.12: In the garden: 'Mï s barónom závtra venčáyemsya' (Irina, Doctor, Olga) 1:34

CD 2
Second sequence: Andrei
01. No.13: 'Andréy!' / 'Kak vïdokhsya i postarél on' (Olga, Irina, Masha) 3:42
02. No.14: Refrain: 'Oná khódit tak, kak búdto samá podožglá' (Masha) 0:42
03. No.15: 'Gde Ól'ga? Kakóy gromádnïy požár...' (Andrei, Olga, Vershinin, Masha, Anfisa, Kulygin) 3:24
04. No.16: 'Tak mnógo naródu dóma' (Natasha, Olga) 3:55
05. No.17: 'Yésli bï ne soldátï' (Vershinin, Kulygin, Doctor, Rodé, Fedotik, Tuzenbach, Irina) 3:14
06. No.18: 'Móžet bït'... vášey mámï'(Doctor, Irina, Rodé, Fedotik, Tuzenbach, Vershinin, Kulygin, Natasha, Soliony) 1:50
07. No.19: Recitative: 'Mílïy ded, kak stránno prokhódit žízn' (Andrei, Doctor) 2:11
08. No.20: Andrei’s monologue: 'O, gde onó, kudá ušló moyó próšloye' (Andrei) 5:18
09. No.21: 'Éto tï? Andryúša?' (Natasha, Anfisa, Andrei, Doctor) 1:07
Third Sequence: Masha
10. No.22: 'Zabïl skazát', segódnya u vas v gostyákh' (Tuzenbach, Irina, Fedotik, Rodé, Doctor, Masha, Anfisa, Vershinin, Olga) 5:09
11. No.23: 'Ya... ostayús' / 'Dorogáya sestrá!' (Masha, Kulygin, Doctor, Irina, Vershinin, Olga) 3:39
12. No.24: 'Čáyu khóčetsya...' (Vershinin, Anfisa, Masha, Natasha) 9:06
13. No.25: 'Pokáyus' vam, ož ból'še nikomú' (Masha, Olga) 3:29
14. No.26: In the garden (The third farewell): 'Ól'ga Sergéyevna, ya vam želáyu' (Vershinin, Irina, Olga, Masha, Kulygin) 6:57

Total time: 1:37:31

Orchestre de l'Opéra de Lyon
Conducted by Kent Nagano (pit orchestra) and
Péter Eötvös (off-stage orchestra)
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Luigi Nono:Caminantes Tryptichon - No hay caminos, hay que caminar ...; Etc.

Luigi Nono:Caminantes Tryptichon - No hay caminos, hay que caminar ...; Etc.
ID: KAI0012512
CDs: 2
Type: CD
Collection: Vocal Collection

Luigi Nono No hay caminos, hay que caminar … Andrej Tarkowskij (1987) “Wayfarer, there is no path. Yet you must walk”, in Spanish: “Caminante, no hay caminos. Hay que caminar.” These words are the contents of an inscription, which Luigi Nono read on the wall of a monastery in Toledo in the middle of the 1980s. They must have affected him most deeply, since in the last three years of his life he made them the basis of the titles of a trio of works. In “Hay que caminar” he surely recognized his own lifelong principle of continual creative restlessness, of perpetually being en route, which guided him from the outset. For a long time this was perhaps unconscious, but during the several years’ incubation of Prometeo it took conscious shape in the presentation of a route-less wayfaring that directs everything. An observation from 1981 is characteristic of this consciousness. For him it was primarily to do with the attempt “to find something, but not something certain.” The central piece of the trilogy mentioned above is No hay caminos, hay que caminar … Andrej Tarkowskij.
Nono dedicated the piece to the Russian film director Andrej Tarkowskij, outlawed from his own country, perhaps in view of the film Nostalghia, which has as its theme the search “for something, which perhaps doesn’t exist”... (Josef Häusler)

Includes booklet with text by Josef Häusler
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