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Opera Live, page 10

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Verdi - Falstaff

Verdi - Falstaff
ID: GFO01260
CDs: 2
Type: CD
Subcollection: Opera

Recorded live at Glyndebourne in June 1960.
Includes 2 discs in a 153 page hard-bound book.

Glyndebourne’s association with Falstaff commenced in 1955 for a production staged at the Edinburgh Festival, directed by Carl Ebert, designed by Osbert Lancaster and conducted by the great Carlo Maria Giulini.
Falstaff quickly proved to be a favourite and enjoyed 5 revivals in quick succession. This recording comes from Glyndebourne Festivals’ 1960 season, conducted by Vittorio Gui, in what was Geraint Evan’s third outing as Falstaff.
Evans sung in the 1957 and 1958 Glyndebourne restagings, in a role that was to go on and have a role in defining him as a singer, performing Falstaff in numerous productions including Covent Garden and the Metropolitan Opera, and on record under Georg Solti.
On this recording, Geraint Evans is joined by Sesto Bruscantini as Ford, Juan Oncina as Fenton, Ilva Ligabue as Alice Ford, a role she is most remembered for having recorded it twice: under George Solti and Leonard Bernstein, this (new/archive) recording predating both these.
The remaining classic cast member is the Swiss tenor Hugues Cuénod as Dr Caius, his glorious sense of the role's comedy beautifully portrayed here. Hugues Cuénod passed away in December 2010 at the age of 108, having a career that spanned 66 years. He was something of an institution at Glyndebourne, walking the Glyndebourne stage for over 30 years and involved in some 470 performances. At the age of 82 he appeared in Glyndebourne’s production of Le nozze di Figaro and in 1990, at the age of 87, was offered the role of Monsieur Taupe in Capriccio, a role he had sung previously at Glyndebourne, but declined.

Geraint Evans (Sir John Falstaff), Ilva Ligabue (Alice), Anna Maria Rota (Meg), Oralia Dominguez (Mistress Quickly), Sesto Bruscantini (Ford), Mariella Adani (Nannetta), Juan Oncina (Fenton) & Hugues Cuénod (Dr Caius)

The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Vittorio Gui

Track list:
CD: 1
Falstaff, opera
1. Act 1. Scene 1. Falstaff!
2. Act 1. Scene 1. Sss. Sei polli: sei scellini
3. Act 1. Scene 1. So che se andiam
4. Act 1. Scene 1. V'è noto un tal
5. Act 1. Scene 1. L'Onore! Ladri!
6. Act 1. Scene 2. Alice, Meg, Nannetta
7. Act 1. Scene 2. 'Fulgida Alice! Amor t'offro...'
8. Act 1. Scene 2. Quell'otre! Quel tino!
9. Act 1. Scene 2. È un ribaldo, un furbo, un ladro
10. Act 1. Scene 2. Psst, Psst. Nannetta, Vienqua
11. Act 1. Scene 2. Falstaff m'ha canzonata
12. Act 1. Scene 2. Torno all' assalto
13. Act 1. Scene 2. Udrai quanta egli sfoggia
14. Act 1. Scene 2. Del tuo barbaro diagnostico
15. Act 1. Scene 2. Qui più non si vagoli
16. Act 2. Scene 1. Siam pentiti e contriti
17. Act 2. Scene 1. Alice è mia!
18. Act 2. Scene 1. Padron; di la cè un serto Maestro Fontana
19. Act 2. Scene 1. Signore, v'assista il cielo!
20. Act 2. Scene 1. Io l'amo e lei non m'ama
21. Act 2. Scene 1. Il diavolo Se lo porti all' inferno
22. Act 2. Scene 1. È sogno? O realtà?
23. Act 2. Scene 1. Eccomi qua. Son pronto.
CD: 2
1. Act 2. Scene 2. Presenteremo un bill, per un tassa
2. Act 2. Scene 2. Giunto all' albergo della Giarrettiera
3. Act 2. Scene 2. Gaei comari di Windsor!
4. Act 2. Scene 2. 'Alfint'ho colto'
5. Act 2. Scene 2. Quand'ero paggio
6. Act 2. Scene 2. Mia signora!
7. Act 2. Scene 2. Il diavolo cavalca
8. Act 2. Scene 2. Vien qua. Che chiasso!
9. Act 2. Scene 2. Al ladro! Al pagliardo!
10. Act 2. Scene 2. Se t'aguanto! Se ti piglio!
11. Act 2. Scene 2. Ned! Will! Tom!
12. Act 3. Scene 1. Ehi! Taverniere!
13. Act 3. Scene 1. Reverenza. La bella Alice!
14. Act 3. Scene 1. Legge. Legge
15. Act 3. Scene 1. Quando il rintocco della mezza notte
16. Act 3. Scene 2. Dal labbro il canto est a siato vola
17. Act 3. Scene 2. Nossignore!
18. Act 3. Scene 2. Una, due, tre, Quattro
19. Act 3. Scene 2. Odo un soave passo!
20. Act 3. Scene 2. Ninfe! Elfi! Silfi!
21. Act 3. Scene 2. Sul fil d'un soffio etesio
22. Act 3. Scene 2. Alto là! Chi va là? Pietà!
23. Act 3. Scene 2. Ruzzola, ruzzola
24. Act 3. Scene 2. Naso vermiglio!
25. Act 3. Scene 2. Ogni sorta di gente dozzinale
26. Act 3. Scene 2. Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!
27. Act 3. Scene 2. Tutto nel mondo è burla
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Humperdinck - Hänsel und Gretel

Humperdinck - Hänsel und Gretel
ID: GFO01510
CDs: 2
Type: CD
Subcollection: Opera

Recorded live at Glyndebourne Opera Hause, Lewes, England in 2010
Includes 2 discs in a 85 page hard-bound book.

First conducted in Weimar in 1893 by Richard Strauss, Hänsel und Gretel had immediate worldwide success, the Hamburg premiere in 1894 conducted by Gustav Mahler. In its first year, over 50 German theatres staged a production and it has been translated into over 20 languages. In the UK it was the first complete opera to ever be broadcast from Covent Garden back in 1923, and was a staple in the opera repertory until the 1950s where it fell into a black hole. Here Hänsel und Gretel remained until Glyndebourne’s new production in 2008. This recording comes from the re-staging in 2010.
This recording boasts a fine cast, with Alice Coote a seasoned Hänsel having also performed in the role at the Metropolitan Opera in New York, Lydia Teuscher making a notable UK debut as Gretel with Wolfgang Ablinger-Sperrhacke’s beautiful portrayal of the Witch stealing the show. Robin Ticciati, Glyndebourne’s new Artistic Director from 2013, clearly loves the piece: his conducting is nothing short of wonderful, with the performance from the London Philharmonic Orchestra a real highlight on this recording.

Alice Coote (Hänsel), Lydia Teuscher (Gretel), Irmgard Vilsmaier (Mother), William Dazeley (Father), Wolfgang Ablinger-Sperrhacke (Witch), Tara Erraught (Sandman) & Ida Falk Winland (Dew Fairy)

London Philharmonic Orchestra, Robin Ticciati
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Britten - A Midsummer Night's Dream

Britten - A Midsummer Night's Dream
ID: GFO01306
CDs: 2
Type: CD
Subcollection: Opera

Recorded live at Glyndebourne in July and August 2006.
Includes 2 discs in a 65 page hard-bound book.

Glyndebourne staged the premiere of The Rape of Lucretia with Kathleen Ferrier cast as Lucretia and the following year premiered Albert Herring. Thirty four years then elapsed before another of Britten’s operas was staged. In 1981, Glyndebourne presented A Midsummer Night’s Dream. An acclaimed staging by director Peter Hall which has enjoyed 4 revivals since, it has frequently been described by critics, and the press alike, as the ‘perfect realisation of a fairy tale’.
Britten employed disparate musical styles and devices to depict the interaction of the fairy kingdom; the quartet of lovers, the Mechanicals and town tradesmen determined to make it in showbiz. He juxtaposes a wide variety of styles to create the various worlds in the play. Brash trombones clash with Elizabethan flourishes, tormented string sounds and tuned percussion evoke the mood of the dark forests. With the challenging vocal writing a combination of singing, sprechstimme and spoken word cleverly intertwine.
This recording from Glyndebourne’s 2006 Festival, and the most recent revival, is a remarkable production cleverly capturing both the callousness of Oberon’s trickery on Tytania, as well as beautifully conveying the sense of sexual freedom that Bottom experiences when encountering Tytania. The stars in this recording are numerous but without doubt Bejun Mehta’s Oberon is one of the greatest on record. Iride Martinez makes a notable UK debut as Tytania. The lovers’ quartet sing almost all of their scenes as an ensemble, and beautifully at that, with Kate Royal (as Helena) and Jared Holt (as Demetrius) making the most harmonious of couples. Matthew Rose is both a wonderful and beguiling Bottom and is at the very heart of this recording whilst not forgetting the perfect performance from the well drilled Trinity Boys Choir, and show stealer, the 11 year-old Jack Morlen as Puck.

Bejun Mehta (Oberon), Íride Martínez (Tytania), Jack Morlen (Puck), Timothy Robinson (Lysander), Jared Holt (Demetrius), Tove Dahlberg (Hermia), Kate Royal (Helena) & Matthew Rose (Bottom)

London Philharmonic Orchestra & Trinity Boys Choir, Ilan Volkov
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Britten - The Turn of the Screw

Britten - The Turn of the Screw
ID: GFO01107
CDs: 2
Type: CD
Subcollection: Opera

Recorded live at Glyndebourne in August 2007.
Includes 2 discs in a 60 page hard-bound book.

Britten’s operas have an interesting history at Glyndebourne beginning with the premiere of The Rape of Lucretia at Glyndebourne (1946) with Kathleen Ferrier as Lucretia.
Glyndebourne also premiered Albert Herring (1947) then 34 years of the Glyndebourne Festival elapsed until another of Britten’s operas, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, was staged in 1981. It took over 50 years to stage The Turn of the Screw, which after a touring production in 2006 transferred to the Festival in 2007, from where this recording is captured.
Every role is beautifully cast through tenor William Burden, as both Prologue and Peter Quint, and Camilla Tilling as the convincing troubled Governess. Anne-Marie Owens is an extremely affable Mrs Grose, her voice endearing and warm.
Joanna Songi is a feisty and resentful Flora; Christopher Sladdin’s boy treble voice is hauntingly beautiful, and Emma Bell is a sure-footed Miss Jessel.
This recording is aided in no small part by conductor Edward Gardner whose intense understanding of the score is made all the more satisfying by the faultless playing of the ensemble from the London Philharmonic Orchestra.
This recording is certain to leave listeners troubled. It would not be the recording it is if it did not do so; the mood dark and chilling while maintaining an element of thrill.
Edward Gardner appears courtesy of Chandos Records Ltd.

William Burden (Prologue/Peter Quint), Camilla Tilling (Governess), Joanna Songi (Flora), Christopher Sladdin (Miles), Anne-Marie Owens (Mrs Grose) & Emma Bell (Miss Jessel)

London Philharmonic Orchestra, Edward Gardner
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Beethoven - Fidelio, Opera, Op. 72

Beethoven - Fidelio, Opera, Op. 72
ID: GFO00406
CDs: 2
Type: CD
Subcollection: Opera

Recorded live at Glyndebourne, August 2006
Includes 2 discs in a 150 page hard-bound book

Anja Kampe (Leonore), Torsten Kerl (Florestan) Andrew Kennedy (Jaquino), Lisa Milne (Marzelline), Brindley Sherratt (Rocco), Peter Coleman-Wright (Don Pizarro), Nathan Vale (First Prisoner), Anthony Cleverton (Second Prisoner), Henry Waddington (Don Fernando)

London Philharmonic Orchestra & The Glyndebourne Chorus, Mark Elder

Product Description
With Fidelio, Beethoven found the perfect vehicle to express his lifelong commitment to liberty. The work exposes the reality that at any moment in the world, at any point in history, unjust atrocities are being committed, which can only be prevented by an individual belief in the sanctity of human life and the all-conquering power of universal love. This timeless theme is as relevant today as it was when Beethoven started to write his opera in 1804. Anja Kampe and Torsten Kerl made their Glyndebourne debuts in the roles of Leonore and Florestan in 2006 to rapturous critical praise and this production won the Royal Philharmonic Society Opera Award in 2001.Libretto translated from the original French into English, Italian and German.

Extensive accompanying booklet including a commissioned article about the opera.
Feature and review publicity in national newspapers, radio and specialist music magazines
Features two exciting Glyndebourne debuts from Anja Kampe and Torsten Kerl.

Track list:
Fidelio, opera, Op. 72
1. Act 1. No. 1. Dialog. Jaquino, jaquino!
2. Act 1. No. 3. Quartett. Mir ist so wunderbar
3. Act 1. No. 3. Dialog. Höre, Fidelio...
4. Act 1. No. 4. Arie. Hat man nicht auch Gold beineben
5. Act 1. No. 4. Dialog. Ihr habt schon recht, Meister Rocco
6. Act 1. No. 5. Terzett. Der Gouverneur... der Gouverneur soll heut' erlauben
7. Act 1. No. 5. Terzett. Nur auf der Hut, dann geht es gut
8. Act 1. No. 6. Marsch
9. Act 1. No. 6. Dialog. Die Depeschen?
10. Act 1. No. 7. Arie mit Chor. Ha! Welch ein Augenblick!
11. Act 1. No. 8. Duett. Jetzt, Alter, jetzt hat es Eile!
12. Act 1. No. 9. Rezitativ und Arie. Abscheulicher! Wo eilst du hin?
13. Act 1. No. 9. Rezitativ und Arie. Komm, Hoffnung, lass den letzten Stern
14. Act 1. No. 9. Dialog. Aber Marzelline
15. Act 1. No. 10. Finale. O welche Lust!
16. Act 1. No. 10. Finale. Nun sprecht, wie ging's?
17. Act 1. No. 10. Finale. Ach! Vater, eilt!
18. Act 1. No. 10. Finale. Verweg'ner Alter, welche Rechte legst du dir frevelnd selber bei?
19. Act 1. No. 10. Finale. Leb' wohl, du warmes Sonnenlicht
CD 2
1. Act 2. No. 11. Introduktion
2. Act 2. No. 11. Arie. Gott! Welch' Dundel her!
3. Act 2. No. 12. Melodram und Duett. Nur hurtig fort, nur frisch gegraben
4. Act 2. No. 12. Dialog. Er erwacht!
5. Act 2. No. 13. Terzett. Euch werde Lohn in besser'n Welten
6. Act 2. No. 13. Dialog. Alles ist bereit, ich gehe, das Signal zu geben
7. Act 2. No. 14. Quartett. Er sterbe!
8. Act 2. No. 14. Dialog. Vater Rocco!
9. Act 2. No. 15. Duett. O namenlose Freude!
10. Act 2. No. 15. Dialog. Gute Botschaft
11. Act 2. No. 16. Finale. Heil sei dem Tag, Heil sei der Stunde
12. Act 2. No. 16. Finale. Gott! Welch ein Augenblick!
13. Act 2. No. 16. Finale. Wer ein holdes Weib errungen, stimm' in unsern Jubel ein!
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Wagner - Tristan und Isolde (complete opera)

Wagner - Tristan und Isolde (complete opera)
ID: OPD7039
CDs: 3
Type: CD
Subcollection: Opera

Helge Brilioth, Catarina Ligendza, Yvonne Minton, Kurt Moll, et al.: vocal soloists /
Bayreuth Festival Orchestra and Chorus / Carlos Kleiber: conductor

A magnificent performance of Wagner’s seminal masterpiece, at mid-price. Notable above all for the fiery conducting of Carlos Kleiber, which helps create a reading of unsurpassable power and intensity. Soprano Catarina Ligendza gives a reading of accuracy, stamina, and impulsive drama. Helge Brilioth was one of the best Wagner tenors of recent years, although his career was disappointingly short. His Tristan is one of the best. Kurt Moll and Yvonne Minton are both superb as King Marke and Brangäne. Sir Donald McIntyre, who sings Kurwenal, has enjoyed an international career first in London, then at Wagner’s own theater in Bayreuth. His Met debut took place in 1975 in a Wagner role, and over the next twenty-one years he appeared there in 120 performances, exclusively in the German and Slavic repertoires. Live performance, Bayreuth, July 27, 1974.

Ilustration © Rafal Olbinski
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Mozart - The Marriage of Figaro

Mozart - The Marriage of Figaro
ID: OPD7018
CDs: 3
Type: CD
Subcollection: Opera

Tom Krause, Elizabeth Harwood,Mirella Freni, José Van Dam, Frederica von Stade, Jane Barbié,Michel Sénéchal, et al., vocal soloists/Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra & Chorus of the Vienna State Opera/Herbert von Karajan, conductor
Mozart's greatest comic opera is seldom found at mid-price, at least not in a great performance! But here is one with one of the finest Mozart casts ever put together, with one of the greatest conductors at the peak of his powers.

Live performance, Salzburg, 1974.

"Hearing Karajan’s work before the early-to-mid-'80s...is invariably a treat, and this Figaro, live from Salzburg in 1974, is no exception. For the most part his tempos are fleet, with recitatives at honest conversational speed...José van Dam's Figaro finds this always interesting singer at his vocal best... and he gives us a complete picture of this complicated man. Susanna is Mirella Freni, simply ideal - pert but not too pert, knowing, and vocally right on the money. Frederica von Stade rounds out the principals as Cherubino, and she sings with rich, warm tone and fine attention to detail." - ClassicsToday

Ilustration © Rafal Olbinski
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Verdi - Don Carlo (complete opera)

Verdi - Don Carlo (complete opera)
ID: OPD7034
CDs: 3
Type: CD
Subcollection: Opera

Franco Corelli, Gundula Janowitz, Shirley Verreett, Nicolai Ghiaurov, Eberhard Wächter, Martti Talvela, Judith Blegen, et al., vocal soloists/ Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra & Chorus/Horst Stein, conductor

Don Carlo has an unusual place in Verdi’s canon: it is one of his greatest operas, yet one of the least performed. Originally written in French as Don Carlos for the Paris Opéra in 1867, it is more often heard today translated back into Italian, as in this exciting performance recorded live in Vienna on October 25, 1970. Verdi believed almost fanatically in the merit of the work, and his tinkering with it extended over a period of twenty years. Don Carlo is a work of overwhelming musical and dramatic impact when produced as on this 3-CD set, and once digested often becomes a favorite with anyone with a taste for Verdi. This is one of the most spectacular casts ever assembled on one stage for Don Carlo. Nicolai Ghiaurov was the leading bass of his era, Franco Corelli the most exciting Verdi tenor, and then-mezzo Shirley Verrett at the peak of her career; Verrett has remained for most opera fans the Princess Eboli on disc-a thrillingly dramatic portrayal

“Franco Corelli never recorded the role of Carlos commercially so this is instantly valuable; and indeed the tenor is in magnificent voice-pungent, emotionally forward, thrilling … Eberhard Wächter is surprisingly Italianate as Posa and Shirley Verrett almost walks away with the whole show with her fiery Eboli. Nicolai Ghiaurov is at his grandest as poor Philip II, and his scene with the terrifying Grand Inquisitor of Martti Talvela will take your breath away.” - CLASSICSTODAY

Ilustration © Rafal Olbinski
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WAGNER - TANNHÄUSER - Bayreuth 1954 - Joseph Keilberth

WAGNER - TANNHÄUSER - Bayreuth 1954 - Joseph Keilberth
ID: GM1.0032
CDs: 3
Type: CD
Collection: Opera Live

Ramón Vinay (Tannhäuser), Gré Brouwenstijn (Elisabeth), Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau (Wolfram von Eschenbach), Hertha Wilfert (Venus), Josef Greindl (Landgraf), Josef Traxel (Walther von der Vogelweide), Toni Blankenheim (Biterolf), Gerhard Stolze (Heinrich der Schreiber), Theo Adam (Reinmar von Zweter), Volker Horn (Hirt)
Recorded live at the Bayreuth Festival in 1952
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WAGNER - DIE WALKÜRE - Bayreuth 1954 - Joseph Keilberth

WAGNER - DIE WALKÜRE -  Bayreuth 1954 - Joseph Keilberth
ID: GM1.0065
CDs: 3
Type: CD
Collection: Opera Live

Bayreuth 1954 - Joseph Keilberth

Max Lorenz (Siegmund), Martha Mödl (Sieglinde), Josef Greindl (Hunding), Astrid Varnay (Brünnhilde), Hans Hotter (Wotan), Georgine von Milinkovic (Fricka/Grimgerde), Hertha Wilfert (Gerhilde), Birgit Nilsson (Ortlinde), Elisabeth Schärtel (Waltraute), Maria von Ilosvay (Schwertleite), Hilde Scheppan (Helmwige), Gisela Litz (Siegrune), Hetty Plümacher (Roßweiße)
23.00 eur Temporarily out of stock

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