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Folk Music, page 4

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Vaughan Williams - Folk Songs of the Four Seasons

Vaughan Williams - Folk Songs of the Four Seasons
CDs: 1
Type: CD
Subcollection: Songs

Folk Songs of the Four Seasons - (world premiere recording)
In Windsor Forest - (world premiere recording of this arrangement for women's voices by Guthrie Foote)

Both the Folk Songs of the Four Seasons and this arrangement of In Windsor Forest are world premiere recordings. The Folk Songs of the Four Seasons is a substantial work by Vaughan Williams, over 40 minutes long, for women’s chorus and orchestra. It is the most significant of his works never to have been recorded in any format.
The Folk Songs of the Four Seasons was commissioned by the Women’s Institute and first performed in 1950. The work has a Prologue and four sections: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.
The coupling is the rare arrangement for women’s voices, by Guthrie Foote and Vaughan Williams, of the Cantata In Windsor Forest based on choruses from the opera Sir John in Love.
This new Albion recording is issued to mark the 90th birthday of Sir David Willcocks on 30 December, 2009. Sir David is world famous for his recordings for EMI and for his work at King’s College, Cambridge and the Bach Choir. For Sir David to record another major Vaughan Williams disc at the age of almost 90 is remarkable in itself and will ensure national and international interest in this recording.
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Bareh Droma - Traditional Music of the Russian Roma

Bareh Droma - Traditional Music of the Russian Roma
ID: MR-7013
CDs: 1
Type: CD
Collection: Folk Music
Subcollection: Gypsy Music

Accordion - Mikhail Buziliev (tracks: 5, 7, 19), Viktor Romano-Orlov (tracks: 1, 7, 14, 19)
Guitar - Alexander Kolpakov (tracks: 1, 2, 6, 8, 9, 11), Alexander Saveliev (tracks: 1, 6, 9, 10, 16, 17), Artur Buziliev (tracks: 1, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 to 19), Lyalya Shyshkova (tracks: 1, 6, 8, 18), Vadim Kolpakov (tracks: 9, 11, 18), Valery Basov (tracks: 4, 12, 13, 15, 17, 19)
Percussion - Nina Martynova (tracks: 18), Zemphira Orlova (tracks: 19)
Violin - Ekatarina Limanova (tracks: 1, 10, 16, 18)
Alexander Kolpakov (tracks: 1, 2, 6, 8, 9, 11)
Alexander Saveliev (tracks: 1, 6, 9, 10, 16, 17)
Artur Buziliev (tracks: 1, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 to 19)
Boris Zhukov-Ivanescu (tracks: 2, 11, 13, 18)
Diana Savelieva (tracks: 1, 4, 6, 8, 10, 13, 16, 17, 18)
Lyalya Shyshkova (tracks: 1, 6, 8, 18)
Lyalya Zhukova-Ivanescu (tracks: 13)
Lyalya-Papush Mikhay (tracks: 3, 4)
Mikhail Buziliev (tracks: 5, 7, 19)
Natasha Buzilieva (tracks: 19)
Nina Martynova (tracks: 18)
Tamara Mikhailova (tracks: 3, 4)
Zemphira Orlova (tracks: 19)
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On Christmas Day - Folk-Carols and Folk-Songs

On Christmas Day - Folk-Carols and Folk-Songs
CDs: 1
Type: CD
Collection: Folk Music
Subcollection: Christmas Music

Arranged by Ralph Vaughan Williams

Eight Traditional English Carols
Six English Folk Songs
TwelveTraditional Carols from Herefordshire

Vaughan Williams had begun collecting folk-songs and carols in 1903. Many Folk-songs and Carols were collected in the early 1900s by Vaughan Williams and Ella Mary Leather who visited local gypsies in Herefordshire where together they rescued traditional songs that may well have disappeared forever.

These songs and carols remind us of our childhood and the power and beauty of songs sung by those generations long before our own.

Australian baritone Derek Welton is a very much sought-after concert artist who has performed at the Barbican, Cadogan Hall, Royal Albert Hall, The Sage Gateshead, Bridgewater Hall, Symphony Hall, Birmingham and the Wigmore. Iain Burnside once again accompanies for Albion Records, who enjoys a unique reputation as pianist and broadcaster.

Derek Welton, baritone
Iain Burnside, piano
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The complete Butterworth songbook - Mark Stone - Stephen Barlow

The complete Butterworth songbook - Mark Stone - Stephen Barlow
ID: 5060192780024
CDs: 1
Type: CD
Collection: Vocal Collection
Subcollection: Vocal and Piano

The only complete recording of George Butterworth's songs.

This is the first complete recording of all thirty songs by George Butterworth, which are performed by devoted English song advocates Mark Stone and Stephen Barlow. The CD includes all 11 of the settings from A Shropshire Lad and the 1st complete edition of his Eleven folk songs from Sussex, 8 of which are world premiere recordings as are Haste on my Joys and Love blows as the wind blows.
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Traditional Swiss Musical Instruments

Traditional Swiss Musical Instruments
ID: CLAVES509621
CDs: 1
Type: CD
Collection: Instrumental

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Songs For Dshamilja - Kasyna

Songs For Dshamilja - Kasyna
ID: MR-7001
CDs: 1
Type: CD
Collection: Folk Music
Subcollection: Band

Genre: Folk, World, & Country
Style: Contemporary, Folk

1 - 12 Kasyna
13, 14, 15 -Gruppe Adyrna
16 -Sazgen
17, 18 - Otrar Sasy

Arranged By - Mussabek Zharkinbekov (tracks: 1 to 12)
Baglama [Saz-ssyrnay], Instruments [Tabyl, Paydzhak] - Aliaskar Novaev
Baglama [Ssyrnay] - Muchtar Kuandykov
Cover - KIX (7)
Directed By [Begruender Und Leiter Des Ensemble], Kobyz [Kyl-kobyz], Kobyz [Schan-kobyz]
- Dr. Mussabek Zharkinbekov*
Domra [Basch-scherter] - Abdulla Machimov
Domra [Dombra] - Gani Baynasarov
Domra [Dombra], Flute [Ssybyzgy], Instruments [Yskrauk] - Dostan Kuregenov
Domra [Scherter] - Nurlan Adilchanov
Kobyz - Marina Lessova
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Folk Songs of the Volga Tatars: Anthology of Folk Music. Spirit of folk

Folk Songs of the Volga Tatars: Anthology of Folk Music. Spirit of folk
ID: MELCD3001845
CDs: 2
Type: CD
Collection: Folk Music

The song lore of the Volga Tatars is a unique blend of singing traditions of the ancient Orient and artistic techniques of European music. This collection features Tartar songs of various genres by well known and loved singers. As well as folk song classics, the anthology includes instrumental versions of folk songs played on the garmon, kubyz and kuray. These recordings were made from 1960 to 1981

1. Sahralarda
2. Ramay
3. Unsya avyl kyuye
4. Oummoogoolsoom
5. Tugan il
6. Olly yulnyn tuzany
7. Belyazeghim, yuzyaghim
8. Sagat chylbyry
9. Berkegyan
10. Sarman
11. Salkyn chismya
12. Havalarda yuldooz
13. Apeepa
14. Galiyabanoo
15. Ouyel
16. Alfiya
17. Minzyalya
18. Saniya
19. Jany-yem baghyrem
20. Kara ourman asha
21. Fazyl chishmyase
22. Zanger Kulmek
23. Avyl kyuye
1. Issle ghyul
2. Achma Tarazanne
3. Ghullyar ussya
4. Avyl kyuye
5. Zyanghyar tyuymya
6. Sajida
7. Ey, janyem, soolarda
8. Kyalyaoo Gaysha
9. Sibelya chachak
10. Haman istya
11. Firdaveskyay
12. Bolyn
13. Ozatoo
14. Kaz kanaty
15. Alsoo
16. Shakhta
17. Syunmyass dart
18. Soolarda
19. Atkyayemnen ooyenda
20. Isjkyakche jiry
21. Iske kara orrman
22. Karachtau avyl kyuye
23. Al Zaynabem

Ilkham Shakirov, Gabdulla Rakhimkulov, Alfiya Afzalova, Gulsum Suleymaniva & Rafael Ilyassov, Flera Suleymanova, Masgut Imashev
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Belarusian Music: Anthology of Folk Music. Spirit of folk

Belarusian Music: Anthology of Folk Music. Spirit of folk
ID: MELCD3001685
CDs: 2
Type: CD
Collection: Folk Music

1 Shrovetide, Shrovetide on the Streets
2 Oh, Spring, Oh, Beautiful
3 Give Us Your Blessing, Mother for Welcoming the Spring!
4 Green Garden Where Cherries Grow!
5 They Brought on Bush From the Green Woods
6 Today We Have st. John's Eve
7 Summer
8 The Rye Was Reaped Under the Crescent
9 Oh, You Reaping Work
10 Oh, Give Me Some Advice
11 How the Danube Had an Argument with the Sea
12 The Wind Is Blowing, the Rye Is Ripening
13 Our Landowner Has an Early Harvest
14 Is the Cup of the Nut Full, Is It Filled with the Kernel, Is It Full?
15 Towards the Danube
16 Carol
17 Let Us Sing a Song to Our Wonderful Master
18 O-Ho-Ho, My Goat, O-Ho-Ho, My Grey One
19 Kamarytskaya
20 Let Us Find Tsareshka a Wife
21 Lyavonikha
22 The Carol Song!
23 Grow, Round Loaf
24 Have No Fear, Kinsmen
25 How Young Zinna Sat at the Table
26 How to Pity the Bride
27 How the Maple Leaf Flew Into the Garden
28 The Round Loaf Was Boasting of Itself
29 Do You Know, Nobody Is Tending to the Vine Garden
30 Oh, Two Rivers Have Merged Together
31 Thank You, My Girls for This Outfit
32 Oh, I Am Crying - Do You Not Hear Me
33 Wedding March for the Newlyweds
34 Syamenaoona
35 Oh, My Dear Kinsmen, It Is Time to Go Home
36 The Silken Thread Hits Against the Wall
37 The Birch Was Standing by the Gates
38 Come Out Mother, From Your New Cell
39 The Birth
40 My Friend, Godfather, Why Are You Sitting There So Sad?
41 Yes, Thank the Blacksmith for Having Set Up This Game for Us
42 Gypsies
1 The Valley Is Wide, the Mist Is Spreading
2 I Will Plant Cucumbers in the Cherry Garden
3 Oh, From Under the Hill the Wild Wind Is Blowing
4 Recruiter's Song
5 My Cuckoo
6 Nightingale, Nightingale, Sorrowful, Unhappy
7 Oh, I Shall Go Up on That Hill, Where My Love Awoke
8 Oh, Are You, Mother Cherry, or Am I Redundant for You?
9 Oh, You Mist, You Mist
10 I Shall Plant Cucumber Over the Fast River
11 Over Siberia the Sun Is Rising
12 Oh, Under the Hill, Under the Hill, It Is Still Misty
13 On the Turkish Fields Oh! Nothing Grows There
14 The Ox Cart Drivers Were Going by
15 Oh, Upon the Valley
16 Mikita Yurachka
17 Noble Lady
18 Gulyats Byka
19 Padushechka
20 Little Cossack. Kamarytsky. Polka
21 Polka
22 The Miner Plows the Field
23 Polka
24 Tsyalushachka
25 The Mowers Cut the Hay and the Wind Blows
26 The Mowers Cut the Hay and the Wind Blows
27 All on My Own
28 Quadrille
29 Ternitsa
30 Shastak
31 Polka
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Russian Old Believers from Oregon (USA)

Russian Old Believers from Oregon (USA)
ID: CDMAN450-11
CDs: 2
Type: CD
Collection: Russian Sacred Music

Language: Russian Russian Music: Sacred and Religious

C DCD 1 dukhovnye pesni 1. Povyshe uma, Rozhestva i chudes. Stikhera Rozhdestvu Bogoroditsy 2. Izhe Krestom ograzhdaemi. Stikhera na Vsenoschnom bdenii 3. Vy, ljudi nauchennye. Stikh «O chislakh» 4. Slezy livshi o Sione. Stikh «Plach Izrailja» 5. Komu povjom pechal moju. Stikh «Plach Iosifa» 6. Zavistju gonima, ja bezhu styda. Stikh «Pro Agar» 7. V okejan-more kamen lezhit. Stikh «O Khristovom raspjatii» 8. Spit Sion i dremlet zloba. Stikh «O Khristovom voskresenii» 9. Vostochnaja derzhava slavnogo Kieva-grada. Stikh «O Borise i Glebe» 10. Bytiju, bytiju, byt i vecheru. Stikh «O Strashnom sude» 11. Ja lezhu na odre. Stikh «Pro greshnika» 12. Vremja unyloe nastalo. 13. Vse ljudi zhivut, kak tsvety tsvetut. 14. Presvetlyj angel moj Gospoden. Stikh «K angelu-khranitelju» 15. Svjatyj Bozhe, svjatyj Krepkij. «Troichnoe molenie» iz liturgii CD 2
MIRSKIE PESNI iz svadebnogo tsikla Devishnye pesni (do venchanija) 1. Poekhal moj milenkij v gorodochek 2. Ne letaj, golub, vysoko 3. Iz-za lesu, lesu tjomnogo 4. Kak iz-za Donu, Donu Tikhogo 5. Ekh, sine more razygralosja 6. Lezhat brusja da netjosanye Venchalnye stikhery 7. Elitse vo Khrista krestistesja 8. Radujsja, Tsaritse! Svadbshinye (posle venchanija) 9. Na vorotakh dva sokolika sidjat 10. Chijo zh eto zhito, vot zhito? 11. Kto zhe u nas kholost, kholost, nezhenatyj/ Khorovodnishnye igrovye (krugovye) 12. Sidit Drjoma 13. Kak povadilasja Darja 14. Vanja po dvoru khodit Rastjazhnye (progolosnye) pesni 15. Oj, mamenka, toshno mne 16. Zapisali kazachka v sluzhbu tsarskuju 17. Na gore krutoj, vysokoj 18. Oj da khodit Masha 19. Posidi, Dunja, pogljadi, Dunja 20. Temnitsa temnaja 21. Prizamknuvshi chjornu dver tjazhjolu 22. Nachinajutsja dni zolotye 23. Po dikim pustynjam Kitaja
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Music of Russian Lake Country - Olga Sergeeva

Music of Russian Lake Country - Olga Sergeeva
ID: CDMAN324-07
CDs: 2
Type: CD
Subcollection: Folk Music

Vesenniye igrovyye khorovody
1. A my proso seyali
2. Poseyu svoye gore po chistomu polyu
3. Poydu za vorota - i mkhi da boloty
4. Kak prishol k nam Yagoriy obmochivshisya
Letniye pesni
5. Orol - Bozh'ya ptitsa (zapisano na Kupal'skom pole)
6. Kak za rechushkoy, za rekoy
7. Zhnite, moi zhnei, zhnei dorogiye
Osenniye i zimniye posidelki
8. Okh, stradaniye, stradaniye likhoye
9. Topor, rukavitsa (s "yazykom")
10. A rodnen'kiy moy papen'ka, zhenit'sya ya khochu
11. Po Donu gulyayet kazak molodoy
12. Oy, zadumal staryy ded drugoy raz zhenit'sya
13. Vspomni, Vanya, drug lyubeznyy
14. Priyekhali chi posredi nochi
15. Sama sadik ya sadila
16. Ty tsygan, a ya tsyganka (s "yazykom")
17. Okh, ya "Tsyganku" tantsevala (pod garmon')
18. Ishlo-proyshlo tri molodki
19. Moy negodyay zabolel, kiselya zakhotel
Postovaya i soldatskaya lirika
20. Lyubeznyye podrugi, vam schast'ye, a mne net
21. Poteryala ya kolechko
22. Sukhoy by ya korochkoy pitalas'
23. Sredi Manchzhurii, Kitaya
24. Iz-za lesu, iz-za gor
25. V voskresen'ye mat'-starushka
26. Zhelala b ya, zhelala polotnoy ptashkoy byt'
27. Oy da ty ryabinushka
28. Druzhok moy, Naumovich (goloshen'ye)
29. Oy, kumushki, kumitesya
Usvyatskaya usad'ba
30. U zelonom u sadu ptashechka propela
31. Ne skazhu, kogo lyublyu ya (usvyatskogo)
32. U ruch'ya kalinushka rano rastsvela
33. Tam na gorke protiv solnushka
34. Plavala vutitsa po sinomu moryu
35. Plavala vutitsa po sinomu moryu (zap. na svad'be)
36. Kormilets-bozhukhna (goloshen'ye pod "yazyk")
37. Nezhalostliva Valyushka
38. Rasstupitesya, razoyditesya (goloshen'ye pod garmon')
39. Stoyala Valyushka pod ventsom
40. Letala golubka po lomu
41. Kotitsya, valitsya i s kublom, i s dobrom
42. A svat'yushki, a rodnyye, zdorov vam
43. A kto u nas khoroshiy?
44. Kolo mesyatsa, kolo yasnogo
45. Ty skazhi nam, Ivanushka
46. Kak tut zhit', kak tut byt'
47. Bereznichek listovatyy
48. Okh, ya stradala, stradat' budu (pod garmon')
49. V ponedel'nik rano sine more ygralo
50. A u nas novaya novina
51. A Man'ka u pole gonyalasya
52. Poydu plyasat' (russkogo pod garmon')
Semeynaya zhizn'
53. U podruzhkakh moikh muzh'ya molodyye
54. Yura, Yura, Yuravey (pribabul'ka)
55. U Moskvy, Moskvy, u stolitsy
56. Skazhi, skazhi, kogda vernesh'sya
57. Syadu ya na kamushek (skobarya)
58. E, znali, Olya lyubit Kolyu (skobar' pod garmon')
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