Name: High Waters

ImagePainter: Grigory Musatov

Art stream: Russian avant-garde

Technik of original: Canvas, oil

Technik of replication: Paper simulating a canvas

Dimensions of original: 56 x 65 cm

Dimensions of replication: 14,5 x 15,5 cm     

Released: 2011

Price: 30 EUR

ID: RCD00006 (EAN: 4600383000060)


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About painter:
Grigory Musatov was born in Russia. His father, Alexei Musatov, was painter of icons. Grigori Musatov graduated from the Academy of Art in Moscow and in Kiev (1907-1913) and in 1920 , when Russia was in the throes of civil war, he left Russia and settled in Czechoslovakia. Thus his art, as he himself, was torn from the native land and was created in exile. Initially he pained in the style of the Russian avant-garde. The filigree treatment of brownish hues complements the sweeping strokes of the brush revealing a tradition in icon-painting. His evolution proceeded through surrealism to impressionism. And during the war it was predominantly lyrical treatment of nature and contemplation of the world’s problems. His paintings are very interesting, distinctive and tragic. In his last years his painting changed to much richer hues, the brush strokes are overlapping, the tinges of pearl and green coloring form figures and countryside vanishing in mist. His paintings are represented in private collections as well as in the collections of many national galleries: Germany, the Netherlands, France, USA, Czech Republic,….. Among his best known works are: “The Hussar, Stenka Razin, The Flood, Signal, The Road to Kolkhoz, At the theater, Family Portrait, The Hobo, The Ride”……

About picture:
One of the first paintings of the “Photographic period”. It is a retrospect of a petty- bourgeois routine and a collection of characteristic types. The artist here con- firms his right for a vacancy left by Henri Rousseau. An exhausted dream moves airy colors and turns them into music nocturnes over the Volga high waters.
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