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Orthodox Wedding Ceremony - and New-Year Service

Orthodox Wedding Ceremony - and New-Year Service-Voices
ID: GD142 (EAN: 3800121301423)  | 1 CD | DDD  | Temps total: 51:43
Publi: 1993
Gega New
TITOV, Vasily
KAMENOV, Hristo (tenor) | MARKOV, Stefan (bass)
Mixed Choir
Chef d'orchestre:
POPSAVOV, Miroslav
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As a continuation of GEGA NEW's idea to present troparia and chants from the Passion Week common in the practice of East-Orthodox community, Miroslav Popsavov has selected in this programme some of the most typical for the New-Year service chants related to the wedding ceremony. The psalms glorifying God and Jesus Christ are arranged in the order required by the canons. Most of the melodies, of ancient origin, have been arranged by Russian and Bulgarian composers. The most popular among them are Mnogoletie (For Many Years) and Dostoino est (Meet It Is), which have also become concerto pieces in the repertoire of the Slavic male choirs. The CD is of interest for everybody who would want to look into the world of Orthodox music, the ancient roots of which are in the Byzantine chant and service. Later on, in Church-Slavonic singing there were not only transferred canons, troparia and various jubilation modulae, but new chants were also created on the basis of Bolgarskii rospev and the so called znamenii chant, elements of which are present in some of the works included in this release.
Degtiarev, Stepan (1766-1813) 
1. Come from Lebanon, Bride (gryadi ot Livan, nevesto)1:32 
Popsavov, Miroslav  
2. Psalm 1271:54
Smolensky, Stephan Vasil'yevich (1848-1909) 
3. The Great Litany (Velika ektenia7:33 
Degtiarev, Stepan (1766-1813) 
4. Prokimen. Hallelujah. Glory (Prokimen Alleluia. Slava)2:34
Sheremetiev, Boris Sergeyevich (1822-1906) 
5. Our Father (Otche nash)2:55 
Degtiarev, Stepan (1766-1813) 
6. Rejoice Isaiah. Holy Martyrs. Glory to You, Lord Jesus Christ (Isaie, likuvai. Sveti muchenitsi. Slava na Teb, Hriste Bozhe)2:18 
Chesnokov, Pavel Grigor'yevich (1877-1944) 
7. Meet It Is (Dostoino est)1:51 
Sorokin, I  
8. For Many Years (Mnogoletie)1:40
Hristov, Dobri (1875-1941) 
9. The Great Litany (Velia ektenia)8:39 
Bakhmetev, N  
10. God Lord. Troparions (Bog Gospod. Tropari)3:57 
11. Prokimen. Hallelujah (Prokiman. Alleluia) - ***1:31 
Kedorov, Nikolai (1871-1940) 
12. The Litani of Supplication (Suguba ektenia)6:16
Sarti, Giuseppe (1729-1802) 
13. The Deum laudamus (Teb Boga hvalim)6:51 
Titov, Vasily Polikarpovich (c 1650-c 1715) 
14. For Many Years (Mnogoletie)1:56 


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