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Yehezkel Braun: Choral Works

Yehezkel Braun: Choral Works-Traditional-World Music
ID: BTR9602  | 1 CD
Publi: 1996
Beth Hatefutsoth
World Music
BRAUN, Yehezkel
Israel Kibbutz Choir
Chef d'orchestre:
ITAI, Avner
Pour plus amples dtails:

Museum of the Jewish Diaspora
BRAUN, Yehezkel 
Fifteen Passover Songs (1982)  
1. Sanctify and lave1:16
2. This is the poor bread1:13
3. Let anyone who is hungry1:10
4. Why is this night different2:10
5. And this promise has stood by our fathers1:35
6. These are the ten plagues0:49
7. When Israel went forth from Egypt1:53
8. Elijah the prophet1:33
9. Ended the act of the Pesach night3:18
10. Bring near the day1:37
11. And ye shall say: a feast of Passover0:42
12. Because for Him it is seemly1:49
13. Mighty in royalty1:15
14. The Faithful Utter Praise2:22
15. One kid one kid3:29
Niggunim - Tunes (1987) 
16. As the hart panteth3:19
17. A Psalm of David1:38
18. The Angels on High3:15
19. Abraham our Father1:42
Three Psalms of Praise (1979) 
20. I will praise the Lord with my whole heart3:35
21. Blessed is the man that feareth the Lord3:52
22. Praise O ye servants of the Lord2:44
Song for Men Choir 
Vayimalet Cain (Cain Escaped) 
Early Morning Mists (1989) 
23. Spring3:43
24. Summer4:30
25. Automn4:36
26. Winter3:51


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