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Extracts From Infinity - new compositions by Steve Plews

Extracts From Infinity - new compositions by Steve Plews-Viola and Piano-British Composer Series
ID: CAMEO2029 (EAN: 7395742029222)  | 1 CD | DDD
Publi: 2004
British Composer Series
PLEWS, Stephen
BELLATALLA, Robert (double-bass) | BERRY, Steve (double-bass) | CLARKE, Phil (drums) | CLYNE, Jeff (double-bass) | DEATH, Stuart (piano) | DIXON, Iain (bass clarinet) | EYDEN, Bill (drums) | FAIRCLOUGH, Peter (drums) | HEATON, Roger (clarinet) | JONES, Ed (saxophone) | LONG, Andrew (violin) | Mac KAY, Duncan (trumpet) | PLEWS, Stephen (keyboard / piano) | PRUSLIN, Stephen (piano) | TOMKINS, Trevor (drums) | WALKER, Mike (guitar)
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Stephen Plews is a musical polymath.. A classically trained pianist, he is a jazz composer and player as well as composing in the ‘classical’ world. He is also a champion of new music, having set up his own studio and record label ASC Records though he has now returned to performance and composition.
This CD has examples of Plews in out-and-out jazz form but more of the music is contemporary classical with jazz inflections of various kinds. If you are not a lover of jazz, don’t be put off. That also applies to those normally allergic to keyboards, which includes me. Their use here as serious instruments contributing to the impact of the music is entirely convincing and I had no problem with them at all.
PLEWS, Stephen b. 1961 
1. God's Mates Revisited3:22 
2. Industrial Language3:31 
3. Theme - Highland Clearance9:08 
4. Lament for Synesios3:29 
5. King's Casualties4:27 
Five Etudes 
6. I.0:45 
7. II.3:33 
8. III.3:45 
9. IV.3:42 
10. V.2:47 
11. On The Street Where You Died, (Im Memoriam)4:55 
12. Mourning The Death Of An Illusion Parts 1 & 45:10 
13. Interrogation - A Quick Sketch3:00 
14. March of Disorder/Inner Migration4:44 
15. Echoe's Bones3:15 
16. Evolution4:47 


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