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The Sunpainter’s Delight - Piano Music by Walter Baer

The Sunpainter’s Delight - Piano Music by Walter Baer-Piano-Chamber Music
ID: GMCD7241 (EAN: 795754724127)  | 1 CD | DDD
Released in: 2002
Guild GmbH
Chamber Music
BAER, Walter
ZOLINSKY, Andrew (piano)
Other info:

Recorded: Potten Hall, Suffolk, England on 8 December 2001
BAER, Walter (b. 1928) 
Passagen I 
1. Widmung3:09
2. Sonnenbild4:19
3. Epitaph for Anton Webern5:31
4. Sequenzen für Klavier4:01
Passagen III 
5. Prélude bien tempéré3:44
6. Promenade plantée4:16
7. Souvenir4:29
Zwei Klavierstücke 
8. Threnos5:26
9. Hymnos6:39
10. Erscheinungen14:07
Passagen II 
11. Integraal4:14
12. Nachhall7:42
13. The sunpainter's delight2:26


Passagen I (1996)

1. Dedication. The sequence Re-sOI-S-C-H-E-Re reveals the name of the friend, composer and music pedagogue Wolfgang ROSCHFR to whom the piece is dedicated. The sequence is the theme of the Introduction and the Fugue.

2. Sunpainting. The piece is the attempt to translate into music the projection of an image created by the painter P. K. Hoenich.

3. Epitaph for Anton Webern. The title refers to the tomb for Anton Webern in Mittersill (Austria). The composer Cesar Bresgen, who as a young man conducted a requiem at the burial service for Anton Webern, inspired this piece by the relation of the tragic death of Anton Webern. The tones are arranged in a "magic square" and remind of the strict method of composition used by Anton Webern. A stick laid over the strings produces an alienating effect on the choral used as a frame (at the beginning and the end).

Sequenzen für Klavier (1968)

The short phrases are partly represented by graphic notation - they allow the pianist great freedom of interpretation.

Passagen 111 (1 998)

1. Prélude bien tempéré. The title is ambiguous. It is possible to think of J.S. Bach’s “Well tempered Clavichord”, but also of various compositions for the piano written by composers in the past. At the beginning, the name B-A-C-H appears, though transposed, and also in the interruptions of the parts with movement.

2. Promenade plantée. This title is the name of a walk in the city of Paris, where an old, no longer used railway track has been transformed into a park four kilometres long. After a walk in this park, the title of the piece was suddenly present.

3. Souvenir. The auditor is free to choose what he wants to be reminded of.

Zwei Klavierstücke (1968)

1. Threnos

2. Hymnos

Two pieces pointing to the Tradition of "New Music" of the second half of the 20th century by their notation and style.

Erscheinungen (visions) (2000)

This piece for piano was commissioned in 2000 by the Musikhochschule Winterthur Zürich. It is difficult to translate the title because it does not want to suggest a relation to religious subjects. It merely indicates that the parts with the vivacious figures, trills and tremoli are interrupted several times and then unexpected sounds suddenly appear as coming out of nowhere. These effects are being produced by the piano-player with a special technique of handling the pedals. The auditor is of course free to imagine a relation to meditation or contemplation, just as the sunpaintings of the painter P.K. Hoenich do sometimes.

Passagen II (1997)

1. lntegraal. The title is a play on words concerning the structure and the content of the piece. Each of the 88 keys is touched once. The music ends with a sequence of tones which remind us of the motive of the Graal in "Parsifal" by Richard Wagner. (Hence the old French spelling graal with two "a")

2. Nachhall. The piece evokes the sound of the churches of the city of Zurich which, if you listen to them from far away, produce a sound with a special atmosphere. The hymn part which may be heard in the piece is a hymn composed by the Zurich reformer Huldrych Zwingli.

3. The sunpainter's delight. The sunpainter P.K. Hoenich wrote about the last picture he painted: "l do not want to paint a painting, but 1 want to create something that gives happiness to me and all those who look at it. It is my last message to you."


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