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Encuentros - Tango Fuego - (Great Tango Argentino with String Orchestra)

Encuentros - Tango Fuego - (Great Tango Argentino with String Orchestra)-Viola and Piano-World Music
ID: KUK39 (EAN: 4260005914092)  | 1 CD | ADD
Vydano: 2002
K&K Verlagsanstalt
World Music
D´ONOFRIO, Laura | STRÜWE, Detlef | Various | WOLLMANN, Thorsten
CARBONE, Fabian (bandoneon) | D´ONOFRIO, Laura (voice) | REIMANN, Sebastian (violin) | ROPPEL, Fritz (double-bass) | STRÜWE, Detlef (piano) | WOLLMANN, Thorsten
The Strings of Broadcasting Orchestra Sofia
WOLLMANN, Thorsten
Dal informace:

Compositions and lyrics by Detlef Strüwe, Thorsten Wollmann, Laura D´Onofrio etc...
Orchestral arrangement and direction: Thorsten Wollmann.
1. Nada (Comp. José Damas/ Lyr. Horacio Sanguinetti)4:20 
2. Nocturno (Comp. Thorsten Wollmann)3:54 
3. En tus Tamangos (Comp. Detlef Strüwe/ lyr. Daniel Pollo Mactas)3:16 
4. Anhelo (Comp. Detlef Strüwe)5:45 
5. Latina (Comp. Thorsten Wollmann)4:39 
6. Caserón de Tejas (Comp. Sebastian Piana / lyr. Catulo Castillo)4:36 
7. Tristeza (Comp. Thorsten Wollmann)6:36 
8. El corazon al Sur (Comp. /lyr. Eladia Blazquez)4:54 
9. Tango Ciudad (Comp. Detlef Strüwe / arr. Thorsten Wollmann)4:30 
10. Lejania (Comp. Detlef Strüwe /lyr. Laura D Onofrio)5:04 


A great singer and expressive instrumentalists supported by a string orchestra carry you away into the world of the finest tango and right to the soul of the Argentinian people. The passionate melancolic tango of Argentina for dancing and feeling well. Permanently rising popularity is marking the way of Germany´s probably most successful tango company. The audience is crying and laughing if Tango Fuego presents the programme, attractive framed by the lovers of night, the dancers.

“Bandoneon, piano, violin, double-bass and the sheer mellifluous quality of the strings combine in moving melancholy”
(Hilde Malcomess, CD-Tip, Rheinischer Merkur)

“Our album of the week · Tango Fuego-Encuentros offers music which is both sensory and sentimental, and passionate and rousing...”
(Thomas Reinhardt, Saarbrücker Zeitung)


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