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Harmonia Caelestis - Caprice & Conceit from Seicento Italy

Harmonia Caelestis - Caprice & Conceit from Seicento Italy-Chamber Ensemble-Early Romantics
ID: SIGCD049 (EAN: 635212004920)  | 1 CD | DDD
Ausgefolgt: 2005
Signum Records
Early Romantics
Chamber Ensemble
BASSANO, Giovanni | CAVALLI, Pier Francesco | CIMA, Giovanni Paolo | FARINA, Carlo | FRESCOBALDI, Girolamo | MUSSI da Lodi, Giulio | PICCHI, Giovanni | PICCININI, Alessandro | POLLAROLO, Carlo Francesco | STRADELLA, Alessandro | STROZZI, Gregorio | TERZI, Giovanni Antonio
NG, Kah-Ming (harpsichord / organ) | SAVAN, Jamie (cornet)
Charivari Agréable
Andere Infos:

Signum Classics is delighted to present Charivari Agreable's tenth disc: Caprice and Conceit in Seicento Italy.

This disc explores the overlap of repertory for the cornett and the violin (occasioned by their frequent interchangeability), and in the marriage of both instruments. Of the two, the cornett’s particular appeal, according to Girolamo Dalla Casa (1584), lies in its tonal similarity to the human voice, an attribute poetically likened by Marin Mersenne (1636) to ‘a brilliant ray of sunshine piercing the shadows’.

The juxtaposition of wind and strings is most vividly enhanced by the pairing of a violin with a cornett in small-scale vocal and instrumental works. The most beautiful is arguably the sonata by Cima, one of the earliest trio sonatas.

It is hoped that our conceit of re-lighting the cornett’s gleam will find favour among those who delight in the capriciousness of the music of the Seicento.

An innovative programme by the award-winning Charivari Agreable, exploring historical and celestially beautiful combinations of cornett, violin and viol via works of a wide range of Italian composers of the seventeenth century.
STROZZI, Gregorio (1615 - after 1687) 
1. Mascara sonata e ballata da più Cavalieri, Op. 42:11
2. A pastiche of ciaccone5:49
POLLAROLO, Carlo Francesco (1653-1723) 
3. Toccata in G minor1:39
STRADELLA, Alessandro (1644 - 1682) 
4. Sinfonia No. 2 in D minor8:15
FARINA, Carlo (c. 1600-c. 1640) 
5. Balletto primo à 32:30
CIMA, Giovanni Paolo (1570 - 1630) 
6. Sonata a tre per cornetto, violino & basso continuo3:25
PICCININI, Alessandro (1566-ca. 1638) 
7. Chiaccona Cappona alla vera Spagnola4:00
CAVALLI, Pier Francesco (1602-1676) 
8. Canzon à 3 in A minor6:04
MUSSI da Lodi, Giulio (15??-c.1620) 
9. Canzona l'Amaltea per sonar 'a doi Canti in ecco'3:32
FARINA, Carlo (c. 1600-c. 1640) 
10. Sinfonia per sonare con dio violini over cornetti à 31:43
TERZI, Giovanni Antonio ( c.1580-1620) 
11. Contraponto sopra Vestiv a i colli per sonar a duoi liutti in quarta o in concerto5:39
PICCHI, Giovanni (1572-1643) 
12. Ballo alla Polacha4:54
BASSANO, Giovanni (c. 1558 - summer 1617?) 
13. Diminuzioni per basso & canto sopra Veni, veni, dilecte mi4:22
FRESCOBALDI, Girolamo (1583-1643) 
14. A pastiche of bergamasche6:00


'terrific virtuosic stuff' on Farina
Classic FM, 21st January 2005

"an outstanding disc... this is a recital to shaft any shadow"
BBC Music Magazine

"this delectable programme of 17th-century Italian chamber music ... the cornett's lustrous, golden tone ... Charivari Agréableąs sparkling performances"
Daily Telegraph

"A ray of sunshine piercing the shadows’ - which is the subtitle for a delightful new disc from Charivari Agréable, who say they’re ‘trying to re-light the cornett’s gleam"
CD Review, BBC Radio 3


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