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Moonstruck - Songs of FG Scott

Moonstruck - Songs of FG Scott-Vocal and Piano-Vocal Collection
ID: SIGCD096 (EAN: 635212009628)  | 1 CD | DDD
Signum Records
Vocal Collection
Vocal and Piano
SCOTT, Francis George
BURNSIDE, Iain (piano) | MILNE, Lisa (soprano) | WILLIAMS, Roderick (baritone)
Other info:

Francis George Scott is a key figure in Scotland's musical history. Often referred to as Scotland's Hugo Wolf, his poetic settings draw on material from such writers as Robert Burns and Hugh McDiarmid to convey an extraordinary range of emotions and themes.
This new recording featuring masterful performances by Lisa Milne, Roderick Williams and Iain Burnside helps to shed light on an often overlooked composer, whose work stems from both the spirit of his national identity and the tradition of the great European song composers.
SCOTT, Francis George (1880-1958) 
1. Milkwort and Bog-cotton2:32 
2. Crowdiknowe1:36 
3. Moonstruck2:37 
4. The Eemis Stane2:03 
5. The Sauchs in the Reuch Heuch Hauch1:12 
6. Ay Waukin, O3:52 
7. Amang the Trees1:26 
8. The Discreet Hint1:36 
9. Je descendis dans mon jardin2:22 
10. Florine1:46 
11. Lourd on my hert1:22 
12. The Watergaw2:26 
13. Country Life1:14 
14. Wheesht, Wheest1:31 
15. O, wha my babie-clouts will buy?2:04 
16. My wife's a wanton we thing1:33 
17. The Inumerable Christ3:06 
18. I wha aince in Heavens' Heicht1:24 
19. An Apprentice Angel2:08 
20. Hungry Waters1:49 
21. Te Deil o'Bogie2:48 
22. To a Lady2:32 
23. Cupid and Venus2:33 
24. The Old Fisherman2:24 
25. Im Tiroler Wirsthaus1:02 
26. In Time of Tumult2:05 
27. The Man in the Moon2:07 
28. First Love1:46 
29. Empty Vessel1:13 
30. The Wren's Nest1:09 
31. Love of Alba1:53 
32. The Wee Man1:10 


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