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Igor Nikonovich, piano - Alexander Scriabin

Igor Nikonovich, piano - Alexander Scriabin-Piano-Historical Recordings
ID: CR022 (EAN: 4603141120222)  | 1 CD | ADD
Released in: 2003
Classical Records
Historical Recordings
SCRIABIN, Alexander
NIKONOVICH, Igor (piano)
Other info:
SCRIABIN, Alexander (1872-1915) 
1. Sonata-fantasie for piano in G minor7:07
2. Allegro de concert for piano in B flat minor, Op. 185:43
Four preludes Op. 33 
3. E major1:09
4. F sharp major1:17
5. C major0:27
6. A flat major0:55
Three Preludes for piano, Op. 35 
7. D flat major0:38
8. B flat major2:20
9. C major1:13
10. Quasi-valse for piano in F major, Op. 471:30
11. Waltz for piano in A flat major, Op. 386:21
Eight Etudes for piano Op. 42 
12. D flat major1:49
13. F sharp minor0:53
14. F sharp major0:55
15. F sharp major2:40
16. C sharp minor3:01
17. D flat major1:55
18. F minor0:47
19. E flat major2:19
Three Etudes for piano, Op. 65 
20. No.13:02
21. No.21:54
22. No.31:49
23. Feuillet d'album for piano, Op. 581:25
Two pieces for piano, Op. 59 
24. Poeme1:48
25. Prelude1:48
Two preludes for piano, Op. 67 
26. No.11:12
27. No.20:52
28. Piano Sonata No. 7 ("White Mass"), Op. 6411:50


"Igor Nikonovich feels deeply the spirit of Scriabin's music, he embodies beautifully its nerve and soul, its secret meaning." Musical Life, 1969 "There is something in his interpretations that reminds of Vladimir Sofronitsky's way of playing; the quality of the sound, rich and deep, the way he constructs musical phrases, the balance between his beautiful rubatos and classical strictness and austerity, profound wisdom of his interpretations." Yuri Olenev, annotation to the disc issued by “Melodia” in 1986 (Igor Nikonovich plays works by Scriabin). "Whatever he plays, his performance is always full of life, rich and deep emotions; we always feel his beautiful taste and high intellect." Soviet Music, 1977 Igor Nikonovich, a distinguished Russian pianist, is mostly famous for his interpretations of Romantic composers - Chopin, Schumann, Liszt, Rachmaninov, Medtner. And, above all, Scriabin. He was born in 1935 in the city of Tashkent. Began his musical studies at the Musical school under the Tashkent Conservatoire in the class of Maria Polianskaya. At the age of 14, Igor Nikonovich moved to Moscow to continue his education at the Central Music School under Moscow Conservatoire with Ekaterina Nikolaeva. Later, he became a student of the Moscow Conservatoire; he studied under the guidance of the famous professor Heinrich Neuhaus. Another important and helpful influence in his life was Vladimir Sofronitsky, a great Russian pianist; Igor Nikonovich had been his close friend during the last five years before Sofronitsky's death. Later on, Mr. Nikonovich wrote some very interesting memoirs about Sofronitsky; he also systemized al of Sofronitsky's recordings. Since he was a student, Igor Niconovich was involved in the scientific research at the Scriabin Museum where he worked for a long time. In 1960, he began his very successful concert career. He gave concerts in Moscow and in many other cities of the former Soviet Union; he also toured abroad extensively. Igor Nikonovich played more than 1500 concerts. He made lots of recordings in the All-Union Radio Fund; issued several vinyl and compact discs. Igor Nikonovich is a Professor at the Gnessin Academy of Music. He is a member of the Scriabin International Society; he is also a member of the board of the Scriabin Fund and Heinrich Neuhaus Society.


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