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Boyduska Yorel - Olchey

Boyduska Yorel - Olchey-Ethno
ID: SKMR022 (EAN: 4620001590094)  | 1 CD | ADD
Vydano: 2005
Sketis Music
BELETSKY, Gregory (throat singer) | KALYADINTSEV, Oleg (flute) | SAM, Ayan-ool
Dal informace:

Ethno-electronica / Tuva Beat
Ayan-Ool Sam - throat singing (2,3,4,5,6), piano (7), igil (1,6,7)-( is a two-stringed Tuvan musical instrument), doshpulur (3) - (is a Tuvan "banjo")
Gregory Beletsky - throat singing (2,3,6)
Sholbana Dendzyn music (5)

Tuvan traditional music has won itself a special place in the music world. First of all, it is characterized by highly developed art of overtone singing. It is easy to see the relation of it to overtone singing used in Tibetan Buddhism, while some scholars point that this manner of sound creation dates back to the first attempts of mankind to speak. It is these attempts that have become extinct in most of the world but still live on as geographically limited heritage, which has only regained its legacy in the past few years.

Overtone singing was a symbol of Tuvan identity from the first half of 20th century at the very latest. But Tuvans boast not only the widespread ability to overtone-sing. It is also a highly developed art which includes at least 3 major genres (sygyt, khoomei, and kargyraa) and several common subgenres, as well as popular personal styles that become nationally popular due to the modern media like tapes or radio waves, that confer every new development of this art onto the nomadic farmers or local artists throughout the mountainous republic much faster than a celebrated singer is able himself.
1. Daybreak2:20
2. Durgen Chuga - Toungue Twister7:06
3. Kozhamyktar - Chastoushkas6:22
4. Doshpulurum - Songs of Doshpulur5:32
5. Boyduska Yorel - Chants of Nature7:23
6. Encounter9:53
7. Sunset4:31


This CD is a message that uses the contemporary elements of club culture to better communicate the feeling of the near-isolated people living in close contact with nature and preserving their centuries-old culture, to the audience accustomed to big city soundscape and urban civilization.

Pulses of many of Tuvan songs are surprisingly very much like house, and the voice of Ayan-Ool sometimes goes together with synthesizers as naturally as it would have with igil fiddle. This creates the unique feeling of Boyduska Yoreel, both contemporary and traditional.


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