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The Frostbound Wood - British Songs by Warlock - Howells, Howard and Roe

The Frostbound Wood - British Songs by Warlock - Howells, Howard and Roe -Vocal and Piano-Vocal Collection
ID: SIGCD161 (EAN: 635212016121)  | 1 CD | DDD
Ausgefolgt: 2009
Signum Records
Vocal Collection
Vocal and Piano
HOWARD, Michael | HOWELLS, Herbert Norman | ROE, Betty | WARLOCK, Peter
FILSELL, Jeremy (piano / organ) | TRAVERS-BROWN, Tim (counter-tenor)
Andere Infos:

* world premiere recording

The 20th Century composers Peter Warlock, Herbert Howells, Michael Howard and Betty Roe were all inspired by the music of their country, both in the words they set in song and the music they composed. Tim Travers Brown, accompanied by Jeremy Filsell, explore the counter-tenor's role in British songwriting. Whilst Roe and Howard wrote specifically with the counter-tenor voice in mind, Warlock and Howells did not, providing the counter-tenor with a fantastic opportunity to highlight some of their best works in a new perspective.

This programme forms a delicate balance between modern styles and historical influences featuring the songs 'My Little Sweet Darling' and 'The Night' by Peter Warlock, 'The Painted Rose' by Michael Howard, 'When the Dew is Falling' by Herbert Howells and 'Noble Numbers' by Betty Roe.
WARLOCK, Peter (1894-1930) 
The Frostbound Wood 
1. My Little Sweet Darling1:59 
2. Take, O Take Those Lips Away1:34 
3. And Wilt Thou Leave Me Thus?1:58 
4. Sleep2:09 
5. The Droll Lover0:57 
6. Mourn No More1:38 
7. My Own Country2:15 
HOWARD, Michael (1922-2002) 
The Painted Rose * 
8. The Painted Rose2:16 
9. So By My Singing Am I Comforted2:57 
10. Before Sleep1:02 
11. David's Lament for Johnathan2:33 
Three Middle English Songs* 
12. A Hymn to the Virgin2:24 
13. May in the Grenewode1:31 
14. This Worldes Joie2:44 
15. Mrs. MacQueen1:44 
HOWELLS, Herbert Norman (1892-1983) 
16. When the Dew is Falling3:35 
17. Full Moon2:58 
ROE, Betty (b. 1930) 
Noble Numbers 
18. To His Saviour, a Child; a Present, by a Child1:35 
19. To God; An anthem sung before the King in the chapel at Whitehall2:43 
20. To God0:52 
21. To His Angrie God1:41 
22. To His Sweet Saviour3:55 
WARLOCK, Peter (1894-1930) 
23. My Gostly Fader1:57 
24. The Frostbound Wood2:52 
25. Bethlehem Down4:07 
26. The Night2:05 


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