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David Pollock: The French Harpsichord

David Pollock: The French Harpsichord-Harpsichord-Instrumental
ID: LIR006 (EAN: 820237000624)  | 1 CD | DDD
Released in: 2003
London Independent Records
CHAMBONNIERES, Jacques Champion de | COUPERIN, François | COUPERIN, Louis | ROUX, Gaspard Le | ROYER, Pancrace
Game Percussion Ensemble
Other info:

17th & 18th century French harpsichord music on a Ruckers reproduction instrument.

On this CD David Pollock has chosen a programme that reveals much of the evolution of the French tradition of harpsichord music. It is recorded on a copy of a harpsichord made in 1636 by Andreas Ruckers and given a characteristic ravalement by Henri Hemsch in 1763. It was built by Anne and Ian Tucker, and as well as the characteristic sound of the instrument, it recreates the decorative scheme: the pastoral scene on the interior of the lid dates from before the ravalement, while the mythological scenes painted on the exterior are eighteenth century. The original - still playable - is thought to have belonged to the House of Savoy until 1900, and now forms part of the Cobbe Collection at Hatchlands.

For the music David has chosen a programme that reveals much of the evolution of the diverse French harpsichord tradition, beginning with Jacques Champion de Chambonnières, one of the most important early French harpsichordists, whose influence spread beyond Paris, and moving through his protegés Couperin (Louis) and D’Anglebert, whose music synthesised the various musical styles spreading across the continent, helping to create a definitive French sound. Le Roux and Francois Couperin further developed the style, exploring the harpsichord’s emotional and sonorous capabilities, and Royer, who “brings up the rear” shows that the style had become refined and distinctive in its ornamentation, its expressiveness, its structure and its technique.
CHAMBONNIERES, Jacques Champion de (1601-1672) 
1. Pavane L'Entretien des Dieux6:28 
COUPERIN, Louis (1626-1661) 
Suite in F 
2. Prelude non mesure2:50 
3. Allemande grave3:15 
4. Courante1:03 
5. Courante1:05 
6. Branle de Basque0:38 
7. Sarabande2:20 
8. Gigue1:37 
9. Chaconne1:59 
D'ANGLEBERT, Jean Henri (1635-1691) 
10. Tombeau de M. de Chambonnieres5:23 
ROUX, Gaspard Le (1660-1707) 
Suite in F 
11. Prelude non mesure1:01 
12. Allemande Grave3:02 
13. Courante1:22 
14. Chacone3:31 
COUPERIN, François (1668-1733) 
Movements from Sixieme Ordre in B flat 
15. Les Moissonneurs2:12 
16. Les Baricades Misterieuses2:31 
17. Le Moucheron2:12 
ROYER, Pancrace (c. 1700 - 1755) 
18. La Marche des Scythes6:55 


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