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"NANOUK L'ESQUIMAU" & "DRACULA" - Music Chrstian Leroy - Metarythmes de I'air

"NANOUK L'ESQUIMAU" & "DRACULA" - Music Chrstian Leroy - Metarythmes de I'air-Film Music-Instrumental
ID: GD205 (EAN: 3800121302055)  | 1 CD | DDD
Released in: 1999
Gega New
Film Music
LEROY, Christian
BEDEUR, Jose (double-bass) | GILLIS, Jeannot (violin) | LEROY, Christian | SAUCES, Philippe
Other info:

This release demonstrates a tendency toward including ever more spheres of the musical art in the company's catalogue. It presents music by Christian Leroy (b.1952), the Belgian composer and founder of the famous trio Metarythmes de l'air. Later it was transformed into a quintet in which besides Christian Leroy participate Philippe Saucez, Jose Bedeur, and Jeannot Gillis. The ensemble became famous for its international performances and its spirit for experimenting. Leroy is well known as author of the music for modern synthetic shows and is sought after by eminent poets, painters and directors. His music for the film Nanouk L'Esquimau (shot in 1921) through the skillful use of the quintet renders the atmosphere and the nature of the extreme North. Leroy has an amazing insight for sound, which he treats like expression of colours, and for combinations of sounds, radiating certain impressions (morning in the North, the sun shining in the eyes of the Eskimo children, etc.). Both with Nanouk l'Esquimau and Dracula (shot in 1931) Leroy revives the tradition to make the sound-track on live, to illustrate feelings and conditions through music and in this way sends us back to the age of the silent movie and the light music. In fact Dracula (directed by Tod Browning) is the first of a series of pictures on this topic. The fragments recorded on the CD give an idea about the mastership of Leroy and the performers in the genre of film music.

Metarythmes de l'air: Christian Leroy (piano, percussions, synthesizers), Philippe Sauces (clarinets), Jose Bedeur (double-bass), Jeannot Gillis (violin)
LEROY, Christian 
Nanouk l'Esquimau (Nanook of the North) 
1. Désert glacial3:33
2. Thème de Nanouk2:19
3. La nature existe2:23
4. Le négociant et scène  de tendresse familiale3:05
5. Fête  de Nanouk1:37
6. La vie dans le Grand Nord4:46
7. Yeux des enfants... le soleil brille2:34
8. Matin1:46
9. Dispute entre chiens0:49
10. Thème final de Nanouk... la vie est gelée6:05
11. Thème générique1:38
12. Apparition de Dracula2:03
13. Renfield7:30
14. Thème Dracula1:33
15. Vesta5:04
16. Londres et entrée du Théâtre2:08
17. Poursuite vers les ruines de l'abbaye1:34
18. Thème finalfinal5:00


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