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Time for Marimba - Daniella Ganeva

Time for Marimba - Daniella Ganeva-Instrumental
ID: SIGCD057 (EAN: 635212005729)  | 1 CD | DDD
Released in: 2005
Signum Records
ABE, Keiko | MIKI, Mimoru | TAKEMITSU, Toru | TANAKA, Toshimitsu | YUYAMA, Akira
COLE, Graham (percussion) | GANEVA, Daniella | HARAM, Simon (percussion) | INSTRALL, Graham (percussion) | KETTEL, Gary (percussion) | Mc DONAGH, Gillian (percussion)
Other info:

Signum Classics are proud to release Daniella Ganeva's debut disc on Signum Classics - Time for Marimba.

The marimba has its origins in Africa and by way of South America, it has developed into the modern western instrument we know today. Since the second world war it has developed a certain pre-eminence amongst the percussion resources from which contemporary composers can draw. Milhaud’s 1947 Concerto for Marimba and Vibraphone, one of the first works to demand of the player the now familiar four hammer technique, is a pivotal work in this respect.

Japan has a strong drumming tradition but other indigenous percussion instruments are limited to bells, cymbals and rattles of various sorts. The 1868 establishment of constitutional monarchy under the Meiji restoration opened up the country to the outside world, including that of western art music. Yet in the very post-war period which has seen the marimba’s ascendance, Japanese composers have tended to look away from the west and towards their traditional music and its instruments for their inspiration and means of expression.

This disc explores the 20th century Japanese repertoire for marimba including music by five pre-eminent post-war composers.

Additional percussion: Gary Kettel, Graham Instrall, Graham Cole, Gillian McDonagh; Simon Haram
MIKI, Mimoru (b. 1930) 
1. Marimba Spititual14:43
ABE, Keiko (b.1937) 
2. Dream of the Cherry Blossoms5:31
TAKEMITSU, Toru (1930-1996) 
3. Rain Tree14:30
MIKI, Mimoru (b. 1930) 
4. Time for Marimba9:57
YUYAMA, Akira (b.1932) 
5. Divertimento14:46
TANAKA, Toshimitsu (b.1927) 
6. Two movements for Marimba - movt.12:32
7. Two movements for Marimba - movt. 27:35


Classic FM Magazine, April 2005 ***** Best Buy
The booklet notes by David Bray are a good start. Helpfully assuming that most of us in he West aren't familiar with the Orthadox Church's liturgical and musical traditions, Bray explores both aspects, and Rachmaninov's relationship to each, with readable expertise. Vespers is the first part of the Orthodox All-Night-Vigil, which also includes Matins and Prime(the First Hour). Rachmaninov's 15 unacommpanied choral settings from these services encompass a near-miraculous range of musical imagination, while respecting the traditional chants on which they're largely based. The work's demands are extreme, with bass parts descending to suvbteranean depths, and there is also an overall need for non-stop emotional intensity of a very Russian kind. Tenebrae's success is as complete as can be imagined from singers who are not themselves Russian. Their performance was recorded live in the quite small, but warm and claer acoustic of St Asaph Cathedral in North Wales. The result is both intimate and powerfully atmospheri
Malcolm Hayes

Classic FM Magazine, January 2005
A specially recorded live concert of Rachmaninov's beautiful Vespers, performed by the choir Tenebrae under the baton of Nigel Short. It was recorded last September as part of the North Wales International Music Festival in Great Britain's smallest cathedral, St Asaph, just west of Chester. The choir, dressed in their rich purple cassocks, performed to a packed cathedral, lit entirely by candlelight. The All-Night Vigil is celebrated on the eve of the main feasts of the Russian Orthodox church with the purpose of showing a sense of beauty in the setting sun. It gives the congregation a chance to consider the spiritual light of Christ and the eternal light of the heavenly kingdom.
Nick Bailey


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