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Greatest Hits of All Time - contemporary music for oboe and ensemble - Christopher Redgate, oboe - Kreutzer Quartet - Ensemble Exposé

Greatest Hits of All Time - contemporary music for oboe and ensemble - Christopher Redgate, oboe - Kreutzer Quartet - Ensemble Exposé-Oboe-Contemporary music
ID: MSV28513 (EAN: 0809730851322)  | 1 CD | DDD
Vydano: 2009
Contemporary music
CLARKE, James | FINNISSY, Michael | FOX, Christopher | REDGATE, Christopher | SKEMPTON, Howard
CAREY, Bridget (viola) | MICHAEL, Robin (cello) | REDGATE, Christopher (oboe) | REDGATE, Roger (violin) | WARBURTON, Julian (percussion)
Ensemble Expose | Kreutzer String Quartet
Dal informace:

Works for oboe and strings (either string trio or quartet) form a considerable part of the oboe's historic repertoire. Works first appeared in the 1750s and by the 1770s were very popular. Over 100 works survive from this period; the most famous being the Mozart Oboe Quartet in F K370. It is not, however, until the 20th century that works are once again written for this ensemble, many for the renowned British oboists Leon Goossens and Janet Craxton. Surrounding these figures a substantial body of music for oboe and string trio or quartet has been written, the most well known work being Britten’s Phantasy Quartet op 2. The works for oboe and strings represented on this CD, while in many ways being part of this great tradition, offer significantly different ways of writing for the ensemble; taking different compositional and stylistic approaches to the music and particularly in their writing for the oboe. These various approaches demonstrate the potential of this medium; its artistic and aesthetic range. Of the other three works, Finnissy’s two pieces present the oboe as a soloist with an ensemble accompaniment and Redgate’s Éperons for oboe and one percussionist offers a different approach to writing for the instrument in a chamber music setting. Since his time as a student at the Royal Academy of Music, Christopher Redgate has specialised in the performance of contemporary oboe music. This specialisation has inspired many composers to write for him and as a result he has given premiere performances of a great number of works. His performing career has taken him all over the world, working as a soloist and in many ensembles. His performances frequently include the use of electronics and especially of the laptop computer and for many years now he has been including improvisation as a significant part of his recitals. He has been active as a teacher both of oboe and in workshops for composers. He broadcasts regularly for BBC R3 and has several solo CDs available. He has recently contributed three articles to an edition of Contemporary Music Review, is working on a book on the interpretation of contemporary oboe music and contributing a chapter in a new book on the music of Michael Finnissy.
Clarke, James:
Quintet for Oboe and String Quartet,Kreutzer Quartet

Greatest Hits of All Time / Ceci n’est pas une forme, Ensemble Exposé

Fox, C: Oboe Quintet, Kreutzer Quartet

Redgate, R: Quintet for Oboe & Strings, Kreutzer Quartet / Éperons, Julian Warburton (percussion)

Skempton: Garland for Oboe and String Trio, Roger Redgate (violin), Bridget Carey (viola) & Robin Michael (cello)

Christopher Redgate (oboe)

The Kreutzer Quartet includes:

Peter Sheppard Skærved (Violin)
Mihailo Trandafilovski and previously Gordon MacKay (Violin)
Morgan Goff and previously Bridget Carey (Viola)
Neil Heyde (Cello)


“This is an excellent disc of well written and imaginative repertoire. Christopher Redgate's playing is dazzling throughout, and the ensembles with whom he performs are similarly excellent” - Carla Rees (MusicWeb) - Recording of the Month December 2009)
“[The title track by Finnissy is] fascinating. The other works are so good that the disc title is warranted none the less. Redgate plays with tremendous zest.” - Paul Driver (The Sunday Times)

“A stylistic survey of the demands that British music can make today... Redgate's command of the whole spectrum of effects is extraordinary; the disc is sometimes challenging, but always engrossing.” - Andrew Clements (The Guardian)

“What links [the diverse works] is Christopher Redgate's virtuosic oboe playing” - Classical Music

“For a composer it is the greatest gift one could receive when an oboist of such artistic fervour and intellectual vision as Christopher Redgate proclaims his occupation of this fresh and vital new territory. This CD is a remarkable statement and an example of oboe playing for a new age. With an ambassador as brilliant as Christopher Redgate, the oboe has become a leading instrument in the evolution of classical music” - Edwin Roxburgh (Double Reed News)

“A stimulating recital of challenging recent pieces…all played by Christopher, the masterly virtuoso. Excellently recorded with clarity, this is a recital to capture a wide range of interest:.” - Patric Standford (Music & Vision)

“If [in the Finnissy], the point is to reclaim authenticity from material expressively blunted through over-exposure, it's a point powerfully made… Christopher Fox's elegant Oboe Quintet weaves enigmatic note patterns…” - Philip Clark (The Wire)

“This program makes high demands on listeners… not for the faint of heart, not for the timid. As a musician and performer, I recognize the high level of technical achievement here but this is the type of music that demands more of us that just passively expecting beauty to arise from a work of art. Worth finding. The music challenges us, and everyone needs to be challenged now and again.” - Schwartz (American Record Guide)


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