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Johannes Maria Staud -Apeiron

Johannes Maria Staud -Apeiron-New Music
ID: KAI0012672 (EAN: 9120010281242)  | 1 CD | DDD
Released in: 2007
New Music
STAUD, Johannes Maria
DIERKSEN, Uwe (trombone) | FORMENTI, Marino (piano) | KOVACIC, Ernst (violin) | ROO, Kasper de (saxophone) | TIROL, Windkraft (saxophone) | WEISS, Marcus (saxophone)
Berliner Philharmoniker
RATTLE, Sir Simon | ZAGROSEK, Lothar
Other info:

When Johannes Maria Staud refers in a commentary to one of his works to the pre-Socratic philosopher Anaximander and the latter’s contrasting pair of concepts apeiron (unlimited or infinite) and peras (limited or finite), he outlines a fundamental problem: the conflict between associative invention and logical development. The two compositions of the same name, however, are less suited to separate the two aspects of this relationship than to explore the various priorities between them. (Daniel Ender)

Includes booklet with texts by Daniel Ender, Durs Grünbein and Johannes Maria Staud

Born in 1974, Austrian composer Johannes Maria Staud has established a solid international career, including a substantial presence in the U.S., as featured guest composer at Tanglewood, and with a three-year residency with the Cleveland Orchestra. Apeiron, the highlighted work on this disc, is scored for a massive orchestra of 101 players, and while it has moments of gossamer delicacy, when Staud pulls out all the stops, he makes good use of all 101 players to create music of cataclysmic power. The title is taken from a cosmological theory developed by Greek philosopher Anaximander to describe the primal chaos that embraced and incorporated all things, and from which all things developed, and it's an apt metaphor for the sound of the music itself. Staud has said that the development of his pieces is organic rather than architectural, and Apeiron has a spontaneity and unpredictability that's more viscerally gripping than analytically explicable. Apeiron is the most intriguing and engaging piece.
STAUD, Johannes Maria (b. 1974) 
1. Apeiron, for large orchestra, (2004/2005)20:48 
2. Incipit III (Esquisse retouchée II), for trombone, string orchestra, 2 horns and percussion, (2005)13:19 
3. Towards a Brighter Hue, for violin solo, (2004)10:44 
4. Violent Incidents (Hommage a Bruce Nauman), for saxophone, wind ensemble and percussion, (2005/2006)13:12 
5. Peras, for piano, (2005)9:21 


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