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Salvatore Sciarrino - Quaderno di Strada / Klangforum Wien - S. Cambreling

Salvatore Sciarrino - Quaderno di Strada / Klangforum Wien - S. Cambreling-Voices and Orchestra-Vocal Collection
ID: KAI0012482 (EAN: 9120010280160)  | 1 CD | DDD
Publi: 2005
Vocal Collection
Voices and Orchestra
SCIARRINO, Salvatore
KATZAMEIER, Otto (baritone)
Klangforum Wien
Chef d'orchestre:
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Light and air in a state of constant, subtly detailed movement: this is also the nature of Sciarrino‘s music, as if it had soaked up all those delicate colours and adopted the mobility of air, captured its nocturnal buzzing-sounds with a net veil and transformed them into fluctuating sonorities, roaring and murmuring. One could almost think that the flickering odours of Mediterranean landscapes had entered the fleeting images of such music. Vague suggestions emerging from an old cultural realm, transposed into the present, lingering briefly and then disappearing once more. An interplay of sound and silence, free-floating fragments no longer within the domain of the unambiguous: one listens to them spellbound. (Lothar Knessl)

Includes booklet with text by Salvatore Sciarrino and Lothar Knessl
SCIARRINO, Salvatore (b. 1947) 
Quaderno di strada 
1. Se non ora, quando?2:28 
2. ... Io smarrimento2:46 
3. ... smarrita la misura3:21 
4. Disse un poeta2:11 
5. Se spera che i sasi1:50 
6. Dove andarono la sera i muratori2:19 
7. Anno 4105:21 
8. La rosa che si disfa5:10 
9. Piove1:36 
10. Donato Creti scrisse3:46 
11. a filo del violino2:46 
12. Fior di kencur5:49 
13. Du cose al mondo (Proverbio)2:55 


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