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Wolfgang Rihm - Musik für drei Streicher / Trio Recherche

Wolfgang Rihm - Musik für drei Streicher / Trio Recherche-String instruments-Chamber Music
ID: KAI0012042 (EAN: 782124120429)  | 1 CD | DDD
Released in: 1999
Chamber Music
String instruments
RIHM, Wolfgang
FELS, Lucas (violoncello) | MAURER, Barbara (viola) | MELLINGER, Melise (violin)
Trio Recherche
Other info:

Wolfgang Rihm's 'Music for Three Strings' is an immediately striking piece, opening with violent, barely controlled chordal attacks, which become long drones. The first three movements proceed thus, punctuated by long sections of silence. Rihm freely refers to tonal harmony without confining himself to it. The music is reminiscent of the New Viennese School before it became dogmatic in its strict adherence to atonality. The influence of early Berg is audible in the middle section (three "Canzonas") as well as recurring quotations from the late Beethoven quartets.
Much of the material requires strident playing, but also very sensitive ensemble work. For example, many of the triple forte attacks are accompanied by droning pianissimo in the other voices, which must remain audible. The Trio Recherche does a remarkable job of enacting the mania of the first section without stepping on each other's toes. Throughout the work they bring out the expressionistic fervor in Rihm's music with intelligent and supportive playing.
RIHM, Wolfgang (b. 1952) 
Erster Teil 
1. I. Lento4:38 
2. II. Assai sostenuto5:08 
3. III. Double. Molto allegro (inquieto)12:21 
Zweiter Teil 
4. IV. Canzona I7:29 
5. V. Canzona II. Adagio Intermezzo5:27 
6. VI. Canzona III. Adagio assai, molto semplice6:55 
Dritter Teil 
7. VII. Energico12:53 


"Masterpieces for string trio can be counted on the fingers of one hand, but Wolfgang Rihm's 1977 score (composed when he was just 25) is one of them. It's an astonishing tour de force, passionate, lyrical, and ultimately terrifying, and so perfectly proportioned that in this intensely committed performance its 55 minutes seem to pass in a single, all encompassing span." ***** -BBC Music


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