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FRIEDRICH CERHA - Spiegel-Monumentum-Momente

FRIEDRICH CERHA - Spiegel-Monumentum-Momente-Orchestre-Orchestral Works
ID: KAI0013002 (EAN: 9120010281570)  | 2 CD | DDD
Publi: 2010
Orchestral Works
CERHA, Friedrich
Stadler Quartett | Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra
Chef d'orchestre:
CAMBRELING, Sylvain | CERHA, Friedrich | DAVIES, Dennis Russell
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I have always regarded Friedrich Cerha as one of the most important personalities of his generation. I have followed his composing with great interest whenever I had the opportunity to listen to a work or read it during its creation. I am delighted that an album has now appeared which makes it possible to get an impression of his music’s remarkable development. I hope that this will serve to create an awareness of his true significance.
Pierre Boulez (Paris, 21 Dec. 2009)

Includes booklet with text by Friedrich Cerha and comments by internationally acclaimed composers

CD 1
CERHA, Friedrich (b. 1927) 
Spiegel I - V 
1. Spiegel I11:50 
2. Spiegel II16:06 
3. Spiegel III8:34 
4. Spiegel IV18:21 
5. Spiegel V10:22 

CD 2
Spiegel VI - VII 
1. Spiegel VI7:04 
2. Spiegel VII17:22 
3. Monumentum21:59 
4. Momente20:52 


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