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Endymion: Sound Census - Quentin Poole

Endymion: Sound Census - Quentin Poole -Chamber Ensemble-Chamber Music
ID: NMCD160 (EAN: 5023363016025)  | 2 CD | DDD
Released in: 2010
Chamber Music
Chamber Ensemble
BAILIE, Joanna | BAINBRIDGE, Simon | BUTLER, Martin | CASHIAN, Philip | COWIE, Edward | DAVIES, Peter Maxwell | DUDDELL, Joe | ELIAS, Brian | FOX, Christopher | FUJIKURA, Dai | GILBERT, Anthony | HAYES, Morgan | HOLT, Simon | HOYLAND, Vic | MATTHEWS, Colin | MAXWELL, Melinda | NORTHCOTT, Bayan | PAYNE, Anthony | PINNOCK, Naomi | VENABLES, Ian | WEEKS, James | WILLS, Simon
DUSSEK, Michael (piano) | MAXWELL, Melinda (oboe) | NOCKLES, Bruce (trumpet) | STIRLING, Stephen (horn) | TUNSTALL, Helen (harp) | WILLS, Simon (trombone)
Other info:

Endymion celebrates its 30th anniversary with a survey of new commissions from composers who have worked with the ensemble, from senior figures in British music - such as Anthony Payne, Simon Bainbridge and Simon Holt, and younger but established talents like Morgan Hayes and Dai Fujikura - to those at an early stage of their career, such as Joanna Bailie, James Weeks and Naomi Pinnock.
Endymion was formed in 1979 from a group of outstanding National Youth Orchestra students and retains most of its original players.
Endymion has been described as one of the few chamber groups as at home with Mozart as with Birtwistle.
Endymion’s Sound Census project has reached beyond the new pieces on this disc, to include primary and secondary school students in the London Boroughs of Westminster, Camden and Tower Hamlets. Seven Alevel and GCSE students created new pieces in close collaboration with Endymion players.

CD 1
GILBERT, Anthony (b. 1934) 
1. Doubles5:08 
PAYNE, Anthony (b. 1936) 
2. From a mouthful of air6:12 
CASHIAN, Philip (b.1963) 
3. Concertantes7:16 
BAINBRIDGE, Simon (b. 1952) 
4. Two Trios5:19 
BUTLER, Martin (b. 1960) 
5. Hunding4:45 
MATTHEWS, Colin (b. 1946) 
6. Scherzetto2:25 
DUDDELL, Joe (b. 1972) 
Tree Carving 
7. I. Calm and still2:06 
8. II. Lively0:51 
9. III. With feeling but flowing2:30 
NORTHCOTT, Bayan (b. 1940) 
10. Doubles All Round4:39 
DAVIES, Peter Maxwell (b. 1934) 
11. Judas Mercator5:24 
ELIAS, Brian (b. 1948) 
12. Impromptu6:14 
BAILIE, Joanna (b. 1973) 
13. Axis5:43 
WEEKS, James (b. 1978) 
14. The Peckham Harmony5:02 

CD 2
HOLT, Simon (b. 1958) 
1. disparate7:25 
VENABLES, Ian (b. 1955) 
2. Fight Music b5:05 
HOYLAND, Vic (b. 1945) 
3. Token4:37 
HAYES, Morgan (b. 1973) 
4. Shatner's Bassoon5:39 
MAXWELL, Melinda (b. 1953) 
5. Singla Rock5:21 
COWIE, Edward (b. 1943) 
6. Magma Psalm9:34 
FUJIKURA, Dai (b. 1977) 
7. Inkling2:39 
FOX, Christopher (b. 1955) 
8. A Study in Daylight6:29 
WILLS, Simon (b. 1957) 
9. …without words6:32 
PINNOCK, Naomi (b.1979) 
10. Within4:20 
HOLT, Simon (b. 1958) 
11. disparate dos6:38 


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