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Konets Leta (End of summer) - Slushajte grom (Listen to the thunder)

Konets Leta (End of summer) - Slushajte grom (Listen to the thunder)-Gothic Rock-Folk -Rock
ID: PR18 (EAN: 4620746270176)  | 1 CD | DDD
Released in: 2009
Crossroads Russian Records
Folk -Rock
Gothic Rock
Konets Leta
Other info:

Folk Rock / Gothic / Progressive

About band „Konets Leta“ (End of summer) - is a very special season, a border between summer and fall, day and dusk, happiness and sorrow. In Konec Leta’s music dark sympho melodies meet jovial folk dance, rap-core meets antique fables, bagpipe tunes meet drum’n’bass and waltz meets heavy metal... You never know what’s next!

As a folk band Konec Leta represent modern culture of Ingria, a region in North- West Russia where Saint-Petersburg is situated. Originally Ingria was a finno-ugric land, but during the 1920-1940-s most of the finnish population was killed or moved to Siberia by Soviet authorities, and the traditional culture was nearly destroyed. Konec leta is trying to bring ingrian culture to a new life: not only playing old folk songs in modern arrangement but writing new ones using ingrian and karelian languages, mythology, instruments and philosophy.
1. End of summer / Konets Leta4:05 
2. Wolfs' Funk / Volk Funk5:34 
3. Ragnarek4:37 
4. Mirror / Zerkalo5:22 
5. In Vino Veritas!4:04 
6. The wood Pole / Lesnaya Pol'ka5:05 
7. Ilmatar's song / Pesnya Ilmatar3:50 
8. How Death Dances5:03 
9. Lupus et Agnus4:52 
10. Barometr2:16 
11. Syuveyarvi4:26 


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