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Agostino Steffani -Chamber Sonatas, Quartetto Erasmus, I. Taccagni, harpsichord

Agostino Steffani -Chamber Sonatas, Quartetto Erasmus, I. Taccagni, harpsichord-Chamber Music
ID: CNT2038-2 (EAN: 8012665203827)  | 2 CD | DDD
Released in: 2008
Chamber Music
STEFFANI, Agostino
TACCAGNI, Isidoro (harpsichord)
Quartetto Erasmus
Other info:

World Premiere Recording
20 pages booklet Italiano / English

The Chamber Sonatas by Agostino Steffani were published in the early 1700's by the Dutch editor, Estienne Roger.
Steffani's Sonatas are usually classified as "instrumental music". Really there are elements in these pieces that make them blatantly different from that which is currently called "instrumental." The six suites are in fact taken from overtures, from the refrains, and from the dances of
Steffani's six musical dramas. Each one of the six sonatas bears an opening quote that refers to the six titles author's theatrical operas:
Ouverture de l'Opera d'Orlando (1691), Ouverture de l'Opera Henricus Leo (1689), Ouverture de l'Opera d'Alexander (1690), Ouverture de l'Opera Gli Rivali Concordi (1692), Ouverture de l'Opera d'Alcibiades (1693) and Ouverture de l'Opera Gli Triomphi del Fato (1695). Most of the parts of the Sonatas have been found to be contained in each of the works cited, but some are not, probably because they refer to the music of the dances in Steffani's six musical dramas, ballets that often were not included in the scores of the operas. Agostino Steffani (1654 - 1728) was the composer who, more than anyone else, was responsible for the diffusion of the musical taste for musical drama and
Venetian chamber music throughout Europe and, in particular, in the German speaking countries. He had a considerable influence on Georg Friedrich Händel, who owed him quite a bit both in terms of the music he wrote as well as in terms of his career.

CD 1
STEFFANI, Agostino (1654-1728) 
Sonata I 
1. Ouverture de l'Opera d'Orlando1:58 
2. Prélude tres viste0:34 
3. Autre Prélude, presto e staccato0:37 
4. Gavotte0:44 
5. Passepied viste0:39 
6. Chaconne2:51 
7. Menuet0:51 
8. Gigue1:12 
9. Rondeau gay1:01 
10. Air vivace0:56 
11. Gigue1:17 
12. Menuet0:58 
13. Bourrée0:44 
14. Gavotte en Rondeau1:22 
15. Entrée Alternativement avec le Trio suivant0:45 
16. Trio0:51 
17. Entrée (15 ripetuto)0:39 
Sonata II 
18. Ouverture de l'Opera Henricus Leo2:11 
19. Air grave2:04 
20. Prélude pour le Demons tres viste0:30 
21. La Retraitte Menuet1:04 
22. Air gay0:44 
23. Entrée1:08 
24. Entree Alternativement avec la suivante1:09 
25. Entrée 
26. Entrée (24 ripetuto)1:12 
27. Trio1:03 
28. Rondeau Alternativement avec le Trio suivant1:16 
29. Trio0:34 
30. Rondeau (28 ripetuto)1:18 
31. Menuet1:12 
32. Prélude tres viste0:19 
33. Marche grave1:18 
34. Gavotte1:00 
35. Menuet1:04 
36. Air1:19 
37. Le Demons tres viste1:28 
38. Les Memes1:21 
39. Entrée des Heros Grave1:37 
40. Chaconne3:32 
Sonata III 
41. Ouverture de l'Opera d'Alexander2:02 
42. Air tres viste0:53 
43. Menuet0:48 
44. Gavotte1:08 
45. Air tendre1:14 
46. Air viste1:28 
47. Trio Alternativement avec le Menuet suivant0:35 
48. Menuet0:33 
49. Trio (47 ripetuto)0:40 
50. Trio Alternativement avec le Menuet suivant0:21 
51. Menuet0:22 
52. Trio (50 ripetuto)0:27 

CD 2
Sonata IV 
1. Ouverture de l'Opera Gli Rivali concordi1:59 
2. Sarabanda tres lentement1:15 
3. Gigue1:14 
4. Trio Alternativement avec le Menuet suivant0:34 
5. Menuet0:33 
6. Trio (4 ripetuto)0:38 
7. Tremblement de terre viste1:16 
8. Le chasse gay0:53 
9. Prelude presto0:27 
10. Gavotte0:51 
11. Entrée grave1:33 
12. Marche grave0:49 
13. La retraitte Trio0:56 
Sonata V 
14. Ouverture de l'Opera d'Alcibiades2:29 
15. Gavotte1:02 
16. Passepied en Rondeau0:57 
17. Gigue1:28 
18. Air gay1:05 
19. Entrée grave1:05 
20. Trio Alternativement avec le Menuet suivante0:37 
21. Menuet0:38 
22. Trio (20 ripetuto)0:43 
23. Passepied0:20 
Sonata VI 
24. Ouverture de l'Opera Gli Triomphi del Fato2:03 
25. Air gay0:54 
26. Gavotte0:46 
27. Entrée Grave1:23 
28. Gigue en Rondeau0:48 
29. Les Ombres Grave2:15 
30. Menuet1:25 
31. Trio Alternativement avec le Menuet suivant0:25 
32. Menuet0:24 
33. Trio (31 ripetuto)0:29 
34. Marche grave0:49 
35. Air vivace0:51 
36. Menuet1:24 
37. Sarabande Lentement1:40 
38. Premier Rigaudon Alternativement avec le suivant0:41 
39. Second Rigaudon0:25 
40. Premier Rigaudon (40 ripetuto)0:25 


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