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Tony Palmer’s Film About The Wagner Family

Tony Palmer’s Film About  The Wagner Family-Viola and Piano-Movies
ID: TPDVD172 (EAN: 5060230861319)  | 1 DVD
Tony Palmer
WAGNER,(Wilhelm) Richard
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Tony Palmer - Director, Editor
Rob Ayling - Executive Producer
Region: 0 (All Regions)
Rating: E (Exempt from Certification)
Picture Format: NTSC (all)
Language: English
Number of discs: 1
Studio: Tony Palmer Films
DVD Release Date: May 17, 2011
Duration: 106 minutes

New DVD from director Tony Palmer telling the story of the Wagner family.

This brand new DVD from the acclaimed director Tony Palmer tells the controversial story of the Wagner family. It was originally broadcast in September 2009 on ITV1 as one of the final programmes of The South Bank Show and is now being made available in an extended version.
This is a film about a family, a family which has ruled the theatre in Bayreuth in southern Germany for the last 140 years, some say still the greatest theatre in the world. There's no doubt that Richard Wagner who built it was the most influential composer in the whole of the 19th Century. But his family has survived a mixture of lies, deception, fraud and dangerous political alliances. The story of this family is a soap opera that makes Coronation Street look like Noddy-in-Toyland. It’s a family - in many ways the Royal family of Germany - at war with itself.
Scene Index 
The Wagner Family 
1. Falsifying the Truth - Gottfried1:57 
2. Cosima - Oliver Hilmes & Anti-Semitism6:43 
3. Hitler & Houston Stewart Chamberlain - Parsifal & Wolfgang Wagner Robert Gutman8:30 
4. Winifred - Brigitte Hamann6:17 
5. Concentration Camp Flossenberg - Wieland Wagner & Bodo Lafferentz5:10 
6. March 1945 - Trial & Retribution - Daphne Wagner, Wolfgang6:21 
7. Isolde & Dagny Beidler3:01 
8. Cosima the Oracle2:14 
9. Bayreuth Bankrupt; Enter Winifred - The Klindworths3:50 
10. Siegfried - Verena Lafferentz3:21 
11. Winifred as Savior & Marriage to Hitler7:35 
12. Friedelind Wagner - Eva Rieger6:55 
13. Bayreuth as a Nazi Town - Verena, Nike, Friedelind & Winifred5:33 
14. Wieland and 1951 - Pierre Boulez5:49 
15. Anja Silja - Life With the Royal Family of Germany5:05 
16. The Death of Wieland & the Rise of Wolfgang5:54 
17. Eva, Gottfried & Wolfgang - What is a 'Family'?2:38 
18. Wolfgang's Achievement - Pierre Boulez & Eva Wagner-Pasquier2:29 
19. The Rise & Rise of Gudrun - Nike; Ellen & Gottfried Jürgen Flimm6:45 
20. Katherina & Eva2:26 
21. What is Bayreuth? - Iris & Nike Wagner5:10 
22. End Credits With Erich Korngold1:59 


“Last night's The Wagner Family was a reminder that whatever else, The South Bank Show always gave office space to one of the era's best art documentary-makers, Tony Palmer.” Andrew Billen, The Times
“No-one makes better films about musicians than Tony Palmer.” David Chater, The Times


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