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ANDREA LUCHESI - Piano Sonatas & Rondos - Roberto Plano

ANDREA LUCHESI - Piano Sonatas & Rondos - Roberto Plano-Piano-Instrumental
ID: CNT2069 (EAN: 8012665206910)  | 1 CD | DDD
Released in: 2012
LUCHESI, Andrea Luca
PLANO, Roberto (piano)
Other info:

Roberto Plano
Piano Steinway&Sons - Mod. D
Raffaele Cacciola
Bartok Studio
13th/14th July 2011, at Bernareggio (Milan, Italy)

It may already be common knowledge, at least in part, that Andrea Luchesi (or Luchese, Lucchesi Luckesi, but regardless of how his name is spelled, what counts is what the name reveals: the spelling of the name varies, but the city of origin is clear: he descended from those who left Lucca in 1300 for Venice) sits at the heart of a querelle which has reached what is an unusual tone, at least as far as the world of classical music is concerned. Was he or wasn’t he Beethoven’s maestro? Was he or was he not the real composer of some of the most renown masterpieces attributed to Mozart and to Haydn? And more generally what relationship did he have with Weiner Klassik? In spite of the polemics, posing these very questions, as vexing as they are, indicate to all just how important a composer he was. Here, Roberto Plano interprets his Sonatas for the first time on a modern instrument, a Steinway, bringing out all the totally unexpected greatness and splendor of this composer, a composer the history of music had completely forgotten.
We’re very proud to introduce you to another great Italian pianist, First Prize Winner of the 2001 Cleveland International Piano Competition and finalist at the 12th Van Cliburn International Piano Competition in 2005.
He just started collaborating with us, being this his first debut with our Label.
LUCHESI, Andrea Luca (1741-1801) 
Sonata in C major 
1. Allegro3:13 
2. Andante8:25 
3. Allegro1:07 
4. Rondo in F major: Andante1:46 
5. Sonata in C major: Presto3:12 
6. Sonata in D major: Allegro4:21 
7. Sonata in F major: Allegro3:15 
8. Sonata in C major: Allegro assai4:17 
Sonata in B flat major 
9. Andante7:10 
10. Sonata in F major: Allegro4:40 
11. Sonata in G major: Allegro6:56 
12. Sonata in D major: Allegro2:53 
13. Sonata in F major: Grave9:04 
14. Sonata in B flat major: Allegro3:33 
15. Sonata in F major: Allegro4:33 
16. Rondo in C major: Allegro3:05 
Sonata in F major 
17. Andante lento6:00 
18. Allegro1:37 


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