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Horizon 4 - Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, Mahler, Glanert, Jeths and Roukens

Horizon 4 - Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, Mahler, Glanert, Jeths and Roukens -Violin
ID: RCO11001 (EAN: 5425008377711)  | 2 SACD | DSD
Publi: 2011
RCO Live
BERIO, Luciano | GLANERT, Detlev | HINDSON, Matthew | JETHS, Willem | KEULEN, Geert van | MAHLER, Gustav | ROUKENS, Joey | SHCHEDRIN, Rodion
MIJNDERS, Marijn (violin) | NASELOW, Monica (violin) | OGRINTCHOUK, Alexei (oboe) | RIJEN, Jörgen van (trombone) | ROTH, Detlef (baritone)
Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra
Chef d'orchestre:
MÄLKKI, Susanna | ROBERTSON, David | SPANJAARD, Ed | STENZ, Markus | ZAGROSEK, Lothar
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This fourth release in the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra’s ‘Horizon’ Series brings together two forms of homage. CD 1 represents a tribute to Gustav Mahler, the orchestra having devoted itself to a large-scale project commemorating the composer’s 150th birthday and the 100th anniversary of his death during its 2009- 2011 seasons. In addition to a chronological series of performances of all the great symphonies - effectively constituting the third Mahler Festival held in Amsterdam following those of 1925 and 1995, the orchestra programmed a series of concerts featuring works exhibiting a strong connection to Mahler’s compositions. Four world premieres of works composed for this series have been brought together on CD 1, the fifth being the opening title on CD 2.
The three other recordings on CD 2 feature members of the orchestra playing high-profile roles as solo or ensemble players, thereby symbolising a hommage to the virtuosity and the musical intelligence and flexibility of the 120 individual musicians making up the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra. Oboist Alexei Ogrintchouk and trombonist Jörgen van Rijen are heard here in the world premieres of two works written for their instruments by Rodion Shchedrin and Luciano Berio respectively. Assistant principal violinist Marijn Mijnders and Monica Naselow, a member of the second violin section, team up in an explosive performance of Hindson’s 'Chrissietina’s Magic Fantasy' for two violins, the discovery of the chamber music marathon with which the Society of Friends of the Concertgebouw and the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2009.

MAHLER, Gustav (1860-1911), arr. Colin Matthews 
1. Nicht zu Schnell12:11 
Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra - Lothar Zagrosek, conductor 
KEULEN, Geert van (b.1943) 
Fünf Tragische Lieder 
2. Nirgends1:55 
3. Bitte an den Maler5:19 
4. Preis die Höhe4:23 
5. Wanderung3:14 
6. Spiel1:55 
Detlef Roth, baritone / Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra -Lothar Zagrosek, conductor 
GLANERT, Detlev (b. 1960) 
7. Fluss ohne Ufer18:19 
Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra - Markus Stenz, conductor 
JETHS, Willem (b.1959) 
8. Scale 'le tombeau de Mahler'13:16 
Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra - Ed Spanjaard, conductor 

ROUKENS, Joey (b.1982) 
1. Out of control16:12 
Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra - David Robertson, conductor 
SHCHEDRIN, Rodion (b. 1932) 
2. Oboe Concerto21:42 
Alexei Ogrintchouk, oboe / Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra - Susanna Mälkki, conductor 
BERIO, Luciano (1925-2003) 
3. SOLO for trombone and orchestra19:45 
Jörgen van Rijen, trombone / Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra - Ed Spanjaard, conductor 
HINDSON, Matthew (b. 1968) 
4. Little Chrissietina's Magic Fantasy9:54 
Marijn Mijnders and Monica Naselow, violin 


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