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A. Dvořák: Slavonic Dances - Czech Philharmonic Orchestra conducted Václav Talich

A. Dvořák: Slavonic Dances - Czech Philharmonic Orchestra conducted Václav Talich-Orchestr-České historické nahrávky
ID: RCD70002 (EAN: 4600383700021)  | 1 CD | ADD
Vydano: 1997
Russian Compact Disc
České historické nahrávky
DVOŘÁK, Antonín
Czech Philharmonic Orchestra
TALICH, Václav
Dal informace:

Czech historical recordings - 1935

The Slavonic Dances are a series of 16 orchestral pieces composed by Antonín Dvořák in 1878 and 1886 and published in two sets as Opus 46 and Opus 72 respectively. Originally written for piano four hands, the Slavonic Dances were inspired by Johannes Brahms's own Hungarian Dances and were orchestrated at the request of Dvořák's publisher soon after composition. The pieces, lively and overtly nationalistic, were well received at the time and today are among the composer's most memorable works, occasionally making appearances in popular culture.
DVOŘÁK, Antonín (1841-1904) 
Slovanské tance 
Series I, Op. 46 
1. 1. No. 1 in C major (Presto), (Furiant)3:47
2. 2. No. 2 in E minor (Allegretto scherzando), (Dumka)4:39
3. 3. No. 3 in A flat major (Poco allegro), (Polka)4:19
4. 4. No. 4 in F major (Tempo di Minuetto), (Sousedská)6:57
5. 5. No. 5 in A major (Allegro vivace), (Skočná)3:10
6. 6. No. 6 in D major (Allegretto scherzando), (Sousedská)4:45
7. 7. No. 7 in C minor (Allegro assai), (Skočná)3:45
8. 8. No. 8 in G minor (Presto), (Furiant)4:28
Series II, Op. 72 
9. 9. No. 1 in B major (Molto vivace), (Odzemek)4:08
10. 10. No. 2 in E minor (Allegretto grazioso), (Mazurka)4:34
11. 11. No. 3 in F major (Allegro), (Skočná)3:23
12. 12. No. 4 in D flat major (Allegro grazioso), (Dumka)4:42
13. 13. No. 5 in B flat minor (Poco adagio), (Špacírka)2:41
14. 14. No. 6 in B flat major (Moderato, quasi Minuetto), (Dumka)3:48
15. 15. No. 7 in C major (Allegro vivace), (Kolo)3:02
16. 16. No. 8 in A flat major (Grazioso e lento, ma non troppo, quasi tempo di Valse), (Polonéza)7:05 


One of the justly most famous recordings of Dvorak's brilliant Slavonic Dances. A stunning interpretation by Talich, who was virtually without peer in this repertoire. This CD presents an excellent remastering of the classic performances.


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