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A'e Gowden Lyric - Songs by Ronald Stevenson

A'e Gowden Lyric - Songs by Ronald Stevenson-Vocal and Piano-Vocal Collection
ID: DCD34006 (EAN: 801918340062)  | 1 CD | DDD
Released in: 2003
Vocal Collection
Vocal and Piano
Other info:

Susan Hamilton first performed the music of Ronald Stevenson as a treble in 1985, when she gave the first broadcast performance of A Child’s Garden of Verses on BBC Radio 3.

Her unique, clarion voice inspired Stevenson to dedicate his May Songs for soprano and orchestra to her three years later. Since that early collaboration, she has brought Stevenson’s songs to audiences throughout Britain and abroad. Stevenson’s keen ear for setting Scots poetry in an original idiom is rooted in his panglobal approach to musical philosophy. He is as comfortable setting the words of Robert Louis Stevenson as he is the poetry of Tagore.

The present recording features the soprano version of A Child’s Garden of Verses alongside settings of Scots poems by Hugh MacDiarmid and William Soutar and a short translated verse by the Gaelic poet Sorley MacLean.

[1.-17.] A Child's Garden of Verses
1. Dedication
2. Bed in Summer
3. The Land of Nod
4. Time to Rise
5. Singing
6. Rain
7. Windy Nights
8. Shadow March
9. My Shadow
10. Fairy Bread
11. The Swing
12. Summer Sun
13. From a Railway Carriage
14. Autumn Fires
15. When the golden day is done
16. The Lamplighter
17. Envoy

18. Traighean (Shores)
19. The Robber
20. Hill Sang
21. The Gaelic Muse
22. The Buckie Braes
23. The Quiet Comes In
24. The Bobbin-Winder
25. To the Future
26. O Wha's the Bride
27. Trompe L'Oeil
28. The Bonny Broukit Bairn
29. Fairytales
30. Hallowe'en Sang
31. The Plum Tree
32. The Day is Düne
33. The Rose of All the World
34. The Droll Wee Man
35. A'e Gowden Lyric

Susan Hamilton (soprano), John Cameron (piano)


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