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Romance - Frits Damrow, trumpet - Eri Hayase, piano

Romance - Frits Damrow, trumpet - Eri Hayase, piano-Klavír-Romantic Period
ID: ACDBE059-2 (EAN: 8717775550822)  | 1 SACD | DSD
Vydano: 2013
Romantic Period
BRUCH, Max | CORONEL, Tomás García | GEIFMAN, Abraham | GLAZUNOV, Alexander Konstantinovich | GLIERE, Reinhold Moritzovich | PILSS, Karl | SCHELOKOV, Vjacheslav
DAMROW, Frits (trumpet) | HAYASE, Eri (piano)
Dal informace:

The trumpet in actual practice: sooner serves the goal rather than art. That may explain why the major Romantic composers ignored the trumpet as a solo-instrument in the 19th century, although the technical possibilities of the instrument had increased enormously due to the invention of the valves. In the orchestra literature, the trumpet was always given the role of signal-horn; the versatile musical possibilities remained unutilised for a long time.

The collection of composers on this CD nevertheless wrote beautiful music, which gave the trumpet the opportunity to demonstrate itself in the role of sensory and subtle soloinstrument. The trumpet concertos of Beethoven, Mendelssohn or Strauss that were never composed are somewhat compensated with this pieces of music by less known composers.
SCHELOKOV, Vjacheslav (1904-1975) 
1. Concert Etude3:51 
PILSS, Karl (1902-1979) 
Sonate für Trompete und Klavier 
2. Allegro appassionato6:39 
3. Adagio, molto cantabile6:01 
4. Allegro agitato3:25 
GLAZUNOV, Alexander Konstantinovich (1865-1936) 
5. Albumblatt4:48 
BRUCH, Max (1838-1920) 
6. Kol Nidrei10:07 
GEIFMAN, Abraham (1912-1944) 
7. Romance2:19 
GLIERE, Reinhold Moritzovich (1874-1956) 
Concerto for coloratura soprano 
8. Andante7:57 
9. Allegro4:45 
CORONEL, Tomás García (1875-1951) 
10. Tercer Ejercicio de Concierto10:16 


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