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Birds on Branch

Birds on Branch -Birds---- VIENNA BRONZE ---
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Wiener Bronzen
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Since 1850, Fritz Bermann's VIENNA BRONZES have been cast using traditional methods and lovingly painted by hand. Nineteenth century artists created nearly 10,000 models. The most beautiful models from this wide selection are made by Fritz Bermann. New editions are produced regularly to assure interested buyers a varied assortment. The registered company hallmark on every figure guarantees that it is genuine. The company's customers are art lovers and collectors - people who enjoy giving and owning beautiful items and who appreciate the tradition of "Wiener Werkstätten".

Thank you for your interest on our Vienna Bronzes.
It is a pleasure to offer you our original "Vienna Bronzes" of Fritz Bermann.
You can choose what always you like; we are able to ship in 3 to a maximum of 6 weeks in quantity. We have many pieces on stock. Please note; since each figurine is handmade and therefore unique, details may slightly vary from illustrations. Further you will get for each figurine a certificate which guarantees the authenticity. For packaging, if necessary, we offer separately our dark green velvet bags with our company logo.
We have no minimum order and delivery is: ex stock Vienna. The costs for transportation are to be paid from the customer.



Thousands of cats in Viennese coffee shops, frogs at lakes with water lilies, all our favourite pets, exotic cats, complete oriental neighbourhoods, elegant-seductive ladies of the Jugendstil, representative statues of kings and composers, stylish vases, lights, chandeliers and writing equipment handicraft in masterly perfection and quality.

Charming testimonies to the passion of collecting, Viennese tradition and culture of giving, elegant, grotesque and magic copies of Fashion, fantasy and the genius of the period en detail. These little statues have managed to slip from the 19th century and the early 20th century into our modern life.

The WIENER BRONZEN were created in the epoch of the Biedermeier where the self-confident bourgeois developed a new culture of living and social life.
Very soon the WIENER BRONZEN were considered as show-pieces in cupboards, luxurious toys and charming presents. Every apartment of the Wiener Ringstraße with its splendid furniture demanded for representative pieces of décor and commodity.

Our originals are produced exactly the same way as they were produced in the epoch of the Biedermeier where the Wiener Kunsthandwerk had achieved its best performance. That expresses that with every item of our production you do not only get a piece of splendid tradition of handicraft bur also a piece of Viennese history.


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