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Franz Schubert - Vocal cycle - Die schöne Müllerin Op. 25, D 795 on poems by Wilhelm Müller. (Peter Schreier)

Franz Schubert - Vocal cycle - Die schöne Müllerin Op. 25, D 795 on poems by Wilhelm Müller. (Peter Schreier)-Vocal and Piano-Vocal Collection
ID: CP003 (EAN: 4601250385693)  | 1 CD | ADD
Released in: 2006
Classical Paradise
Vocal Collection
Vocal and Piano
SCHUBERT, Franz (Peter)
OLBERTZ, Walter (piano) | SCHREIER, Peter (tenor)
Other info:

Die schöne Müllerin (Op. 25, D. 795), is a song cycle by Franz Schubert based on poems by Wilhelm Müller.
SCHUBERT, Franz (Peter) (1797-1828) 
1. "Das Wandern" ("Wandering Miller"; B-flat major)2:57 
2. "Wohin?" ("Where to?"; G major)2:19 
3. "Halt!" ("Stop!"; C major)1:32 
4. "Danksagung an den Bach" ("A Song of Thanks to the Brook"; G major)2:17 
5. "Am Feierabend" ("Rest at the End of the Day"; A minor)2:25 
6. "Der Neugierige" ("The Inquisitive One"; B major)4:14 
7. "Ungeduld" ("Impatience"; A major)2:43 
8. "Morgengruß" ("Good morning"; C major)4:08 
9. "Des Müllers Blumen" ("The miller's flowers"; A major)3:14 
10. "Tränenregen" ("Shower of tears"; A major)4:18 
11. "Mein!" ("Mine!"; D major)2:43 
12. "Pause" ("Interlude"; B-flat major)3:54 
13. "Mit dem grünen Lautenbande" ("With the green lute-riband"; B-flat major)2:14 
14. "Der Jäger" ("The hunter"; C minor)1:15 
15. "Eifersucht und Stolz" ("Jealousy and pride"; G minor)1:38 
16. "Die liebe Farbe" ("The Beloved colour"; B minor)4:39 
17. "Die böse Farbe" ("The Evil colour"; B major)2:09 
18. "Trockne Blumen" ("Withered flowers"; E minor)3:20 
19. "Der Müller und der Bach" ("The miller and the brook"; G minor)3:32 
20. "Des Baches Wiegenlied" ("The brook's lullaby"; E major)6:05 


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