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Lukas Geniusas - Emancipation of Consonance

Lukas Geniusas - Emancipation of Consonance-Piano-Instrumental
ID: MELCD1002409 (EAN: 4600317124091)  | 1 CD | ADD
Released in: 2015
ARZOUMANOV, Valéry | DESYATNIKOV, Leonid Arkadievich | RYABOV, Vladimir
GENIUSAS, Lukas (piano)
Other info:

Firma Melodiya presents an album of piano music by contemporary Russian composers performed by Lukas Geniušas, a prize-winner of the XV International Tchaikovsky Competition.

The young pianist is one of the brightest musical talents of today. A student of Vera Gornostayeva, he is a worthy continuer of the great traditions of domestic piano art that date back to the time of Heinrich Neuhaus. At his age of 25, he is an owner of numerous prestigious international awards, including silver medals of two of Europe’s renowned piano tournaments - the International Chopin Piano Competition in Warsaw (2011) and the International Tchaikovsky Competition in Moscow (2015). Critics have noted the maturity and depth of the pianist’s art, and the convincingness of his renditions of pieces written in different ages - from Handel to Hindemith. Geniušas’s recordings have been released on NIFC, Art Classic, DUX and Piano Classics. The Fryderyk Chopin Institute previously released a double album of his Chopin recordings, and the Moscow Conservatory released a live recording of the pianist’s recital dedicated to Rachmaninoff’s anniversary.

This time Lukas Geniušas presents piano cycles of today’s Russian composers - Leonid Desyatnikov, Valery Arzumanov and Vladimir Ryabov. The featured works were composed in the second half of the 1980s in the vein of the aesthetics of the “new simplicity.” At the same time the music captures a complicated era of total reappraisal of values that was going on in those years in the life and arts of this country. The pianist also provides commentary on the programme of the album.
ARZOUMANOV, Valéry (b. 1944) 
Selected pieces from cycle 27 Light Pieces for Piano, Op. 74 (1985) 
1. No. 1, To a Brighter Future1:38 
2. No. 2, Forgotten and Abandoned1:52 
3. No. 3, Blue Cities1:13 
4. No. 7, Fidget0:47 
5. No. 8, Seeing Off1:42 
6. No. 9, Dedication to Leshchenko1:29 
7. No. 11, Dedication to Mahler1:29 
8. No. 13, Before the Exam1:22 
9. No. 14, Don't You Cry1:42 
10. No. 16, Jester0:36 
11. No. 24, Dedication to Butsko0:40 
12. No. 23, Wait a Little, You Will Have a Rest Too1:48 
13. No. 19, Prayer3:48 
14. No. 5, The Last Waltz1:40 
DESYATNIKOV, Leonid Arkadievich (b. 1955) 
Echoes of Theatre (1985) 
15. I. Overture2:10 
16. II. From the Life of Kashchei2:10 
17. III. Vaudeville1:15 
18. IV. Jamais3:39 
19. V. Chase Rondo1:37 
20. VI. Handbells2:43 
21. VII. Finale2:17 
RYABOV, Vladimir (b.1950) 
25 Russian Folk Songs for Piano, Opp. 73 and 74 (1989-1990) 
22. I. The Storm Disturbs the Sea2:11 
23. III. The Lonely Coach-Bell Rings Monotonously2:11 
24. VIII. Glorious Sea - Sacred Baikal2:36 
25. X. Down Piterskaya Street1:05 
26. XII. I Remember I Was So Young Lukas Geniušas1:34 
27. VI. Between the Steep Banks3:17 
28. VIII. Above the Open Fields1:37 
29. VII. The Crescent Moon Is Shining6:07 
30. XI. Evening Bells3:16 
31. XIII. Song of the Volga Boatmen5:44 
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