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Baraka - Samo Remix - Contemporary jazz interpretations of ancient Sufi music

Baraka - Samo Remix - Contemporary jazz interpretations of ancient Sufi music-Band-Contemporary Jazz
ID: SKMR124 (EAN: 4620001591503)  | 1 CD | DDD
Ausgefolgt: 2016
Sketis Music
Contemporary Jazz
Baraka band
Andere Infos:

World ancient badahshan contemporary ethno-jazz folk rock hang drum jazz jazz-rock pamir sketis sufi tadjikistan throat singing traditional ethno world music Russian Federation

The new album of Baraka called «SAMO Remix» is the studio mixing of the original traditional material of SAMO, a group from the Pamir Mountains. It was recorded by Baraka leader Dmitry Yevsikov on his trip to Tajikistan in 2015. There, he heard SAMO playing a home concert for him and Baraka, was given a CD with SAMO music, and made a promise to reply to it. SAMO Remix is the reply, the tribute that is Europeanized but aims to preserve the original spirit of the Pamir. Baraka has been interpreting Pamir tradition for years. Musicians had recorded several albums that bring together Central Asian traditional music and modern European sound. SAMO Remix employs lounge and ethno jazz to make a fusion of improvisation and electronics with the original Pamir vocals and rap incrustations.
1. Yor Bod! remix5:19 
2. Bahor remix5:19 
3. Bulbulon Khezed remix5:42 
4. Ey Zuchrajabin remix4:46 
5. Tan-Ta-Na remix4:48 
6. Teyam Teyam remix5:34 
7. Yo pir remix5:07 
8. Bodi Bahor remix4:14 
9. Oshiqon, Idaton Muborak remix5:17 
10. Four Minors5:12 
11. Ajomi Javoni remix5:19 
12. Bani Odam remix6:42 
13. Sabzake remix6:25 
14. Shirin - Shirin remix5:00 


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